first build

  1. Dakon

    Its Time to Start Again

    Hi guys, it's been a while, last time I posted was somewhere circa the end of 2019. I had just inherited a friend's 1979 xs650 project bike and was getting ready to embark on a journey of motorcycle goodness. But as we all know COVID came knocking and since I was 20 at the time in college I...
  2. Dakon

    XS650 cafe first time build

    Hello everyone!! I'm starting this thread as my first build, last year I picked up "friends" failed project, he graduated from university and ended up moving to Miami and no longer had the space to keep the bike, he said if I picked it up I could have it and all the aftermarket parts he had...
  3. jasidok

    Murdock’s 78 Special “Rose”, build thread

    Hey. I haven’t officially made a build thread yet. And to be honest, I have no end goal really with this bike, I just want a bike I love. I want it to be dependable and as powerful as I can get her. I really care about acceleration more than top speed. I want it clean. I love the cafe racer...