fork swap

  1. 6

    Dirt bike front end?

    I’ve come across posts that mention it. Even seen some examples. But how feasible would it be? What modifications would need to be done for this kind of swap? Any two cents would be much appreciated.
  2. Travis650

    Help with fork/wheel swap

    I have a 1980 xs650 and I want to run a 21" front wheel. I would love to find a wheel I can swap out without much work, or I would also be willing swap the whole front. I want it to be as easy as possible. So far the info i am finding is mostly on inverted forks, while I'm not against using...
  3. W

    R6 Fork Swap + single rotor SM wheel, please advise

    I've been scouring the market for a good set of 2006-2012 R6 forks like the ones linked here, in combination with this wheel linked here. I'm hoping one of you guys might be able to shed some light on this part of my project planning. I really like the looks of these gold R6 forks, but I...
  4. I

    Fork Swapping

    SWAPPING FRONT ENDS - Example - ZX10 forks and wheels to an XS650 hard tail frame. - you can also swap stems, press out of your XS triples, repress into suitable USD...weld the bottoms for safety...generally press out from the top side - i cant...