forward controls

  1. 300Winmag

    Jay's handbuilt Prairie sailor xs650 side dump exhaust and pivot pegs

    Good day fellow Xs lovers I wanted to post a some progress shots of my Prairie sailor xs project, I just got her running with some scabby wiring and I've yet to add lights, Been around the block once or twice (has anyone not done that while building a bike ) I'm currently running no top...
  2. M

    how to make forward controls

    ok i got a 650 that i made into a hard tail, i have got a springer seat for it, and i am looking to put forward controls on it. new ones cost way to much so i am looking to make some. any good ideas, or pictures of some that have been homemade would be great. thanks for the help.
  3. Ironsled77

    my rear brake sucks dick

    anyone else having braking problems with forwards on a drum brake? i have tried everything except making a copy of the g&l brake pivot. i put new pads on scratched the fuck out of the drum, cross cut the pads, remade my existing bracket to a longer one for more leverage. all to no avail. any...
  4. dlabkeeg

    Forward controls

    I'm running forward controls, and was wondering if someone makes a gear shift designed for that. I could take mine, cut it in half and drill a hole, but would like to find one that look made for it. Clean looking.
  5. G

    Forward controls

    Does anyone have a drawing for DIY Forward controls? I have seen Forward controls on EBAY but I'd rather do it myself if possible. Geo