fuel injection

  1. J

    (F.I.)^2 = Forced Induction×Fuel Injection

    New around here. My runner is an XS500, which shares surprisingly little with the 650... Which makes finding parts and advice a b***h. So a few years back I acquired a rolling basket case of a 650 with some grand aspirations. Didn't have much to spend on it at the time, so it sat as found for a...
  2. PhatTony

    New Guy from Nebraska

    Long time lurker finally joining. I have two XS650's. A 1977 Standard Restored Rider and a 1980 Special chopper project. I have two motors for it. The original from the bike I rebuilt and the extra one I rebuilt and rephased to a 277. I'm planning on fuel injecting it with either a...
  3. Travis

    Fuel Injection on an XS650?

    Cowboy3669's turbo drag bike got me thinking about what would be involved with making an XS650 fuel injected. I know there's a couple of guys on the net with turbo projects in the works that are planning to run fuel injection but they aren't done with their projects yet. Does anyone know of...