fuel system

  1. Jim

    Fuel System Winterizing.

    This Fortnine guy is sometimes informative, sometimes humorous.... always entertaining. So, what are y'alls thought on winterizing the fuel system? Fill it up with non-alcohol blended fuel and call it good? If there's a general consensus here on the forum, I couldn't find it.
  2. M

    Riding on the highway... herd a pop, bike chokes off when given gas?

    How are you guys, This forum has help me tremendously in the past with the starter fix. The new problem is as follows.... As i am riding my bike on a nice 100 mile trip, on the last 7 miles to my destination i herd a strange pop from the exhaust (not a typical backfire, to my...
  3. natek

    Sporadic backfires, running off 1 cylinder randomly, right side carb starve...

    Any help appreciated; I have a 1973 TX650 with... -mid 70's linked BS38s w/Uni stage 2 foam pods rebuilt and jetted 1 up on mains and 4 up on pilots -Stock headers cutoff about 3" behind mid controls with home made small baffles I've used on several bikes with no issues -New peanut tank...
  4. R

    bad petcock?

    ok so I just took my petcock apart to and cleaned it, it wouldn't turn, put it back together and on, turns fine but when I turn it to on or reserve no gas comes out, gas only comes out when its on prime. Any ideas?
  5. P

    Vacuum Petcock, where does the vacuum plug in?

    Hello all, My 1983 xs650 wants to run! I've been kicking the hell out of it and it will run for a few seconds or cough. It seems like its starving for fuel. The petcock on the bike is a vacuum line petcock (PRI/ON/RES). I just got it back from a guy who was checking the bike out...