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    Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    Hi, my XS was imported to the UK from the US and has been converted to hydraulic clutch. Can anyone identify the below slave cylinder? I desperately need to find a replacement seal. Many thanks...….
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    Bore diameter on those pit bike hydraulic clutch master cylinders?

    So, the ferrule on my clutch cable popped off on the Williamsburg Bridge today and I had to Flintstone it to the other side this morning. Additionally, here in NYC the riding is extremely clutch-heavy. I'd like to run my existing Sportster controls with a cable to a separate master cylinder to...
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    Hydraulic Clutch Issue

    OK just when I think my new hydraulic clutch from Hugh is good to go I discover that the clutch is not engaging/disengaging at all. I tested in driveway and thought it worked but it isn't working at all. Not even partially!!! Turns out I was just hitting the shift lever hard enough to get it in...
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    XS650 clutch

    note...this is part 1 of a 5 part summary that i put together in order to understand a little about XS650 clutches...i have used photos in this series that i found on the net as well as my own - if anyone recognises theirs let me know and i will post credit for it - all accept my thanx for the...