1. LA_Rider

    Cool Website...

    Newbie here...I am very happy to have found this excellent XS650 website. I just learned that I could have repaired the speedo & tach dials on my XS650E and would have saved a hundred eBay bucks for a used cluster. I bought a instrument cluster, the vendor ID'd as a 650 cluster, but its not...
  2. Nuke

    Newb on his second ride - Greetings

    Hey everyone, this is just a greeting post. I only started riding 3-4ish years ago, but I bought my first bike early 2016 (which wasn't the best first experience one could have). I bought a 1983 KZ440, which wasn't stock it was poorly modded and needed lots of work, but because I was too...
  3. 650Burger

    New to me xs650, and the first question of many.

    Hi everyone here at xs650, I'm super happy I found this community. I recently bought a xs650 that is in good shape but needs some love, and have big plans for her. She's a 1980 xs650 Spacial II. Namely, I hear the clinging calling for a cam chain guide + chain replacement coming soon. There's...
  4. dburnettwi


    Hello all, I just wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself. I purchased a 1979 XS650F in September, and have spent the last few months riding it (and working on it), in between working and going to college. I want to thank you for all of your help in dealing with some of the issues...
  5. Z

    First build (kinda) from buffalo

    Greetings from buffalo! First build here! Been building minis, go carts, dirt bikes and hot rods my whole life. Never really built a street bike before and to be quite honest, never really ridden a street bike before! Love the look and style of the xs 650!!! I've built and have been deeply into...
  6. G

    New 1981 XS650 owner

    I just wanted to introduce myself and give a little info. about my plans for the bike. I have ridden and owned a number of bikes over the last 55 years but never an XS650. I bought the new bike for the engine (17 K miles) and other parts. I have a very talented frame builder in my area and...
  7. E

    Intro, xs650 1977

    Hey, Finally bought my 1977 xs650. I have a bobber project in mind, but I'm a novice so I hope you guys will help me :) Live close to Montreal, QC it's still cold here (52F!).
  8. B

    My new 73 TX650, why all aftermarket parts start at 74?

    Hey all! New to this particular forum. Just nabbed a 73 barn fresh with a lot (13,000) miles. Said it ran when parked, and it has a title! Wanted to do a flat track build. When I look for aftermarket stuff on mikes xs and other similar sites all the aftermarket crap starts at 74. What gives?
  9. OldskoolXS650

    Hello from Texas 1982 XS650 Hard Tail

    Hey guys I just did some trading and now I'm the proud owner of a 1982 xs650 hard tail. The bike has a TC Bro hard tail, 12" Apes, stock motor and carbs, cone filters, stock electronics, and a lot of parts from Low Brow. Thanks check out my bike in my album.
  10. E


    i have been hanging around. i have a couple engines and some other parts. i am just saying hello. meet and greet as it were.
  11. Bentwrench


    Good afternoon citizens of the internet! I come to you as the owner of a new (to me) 1978 XS650, with impeccably clean carbs, and no spark. But I'll start another thread about that. I'm a regular on the board with my 1983 DOHC Maxim project. That project stalled the moment baby...
  12. J

    My new XS650 bobber/chopper

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum and thought i would show you my bobber that i got recently. this is what it looked like when i first got it i made a few mods to it and plan to do a few more, here's how it stands at the minute. front white wall tire is on order and i am trying...
  13. T

    I have my project!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, my name is tshadow6. I brought home my first project bike today; a 1978 Yamaha XS 650!!! It is in pretty neglected condition. I will post pictures as soon as I learn how. I will begin posting in the project forum.