lowering forks

  1. WPGxs650_brat

    How low can you lower the froks?

    OK, first off I know this isn't what most would build. So before the "purists" call in an airstrike on my garage, Any and all work to this will not be permanent LOL! I am planning out my next 650, (1980 heritage special, mag drum rear). I have decided to go japan style. Planning ahead I know I...
  2. jonny

    lowering spacer question

    I'm reading the two resources on lowering the forks, which are both really good: Hughs http://www.xs650.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5537 XS650chopper http://www.xs650chopper.com/2009/06/mulligan-machine-lower-your-xs650-forks-low-buck-garage-tech/ My question is about the lowering...
  3. I


    - primary suspension parameters are stiffness, damping, sprung and unsprung mass, and tire characteristics - suspension setup is pretty vital, some factors affecting it are tyres and tyre pressure wheel bearings steering head and swingarm bearings fork brace spokes wheel alignment...
  4. Dusty

    Lower Front Forks

    I've started my next build. I'm gonna try a brat style. My question is ,when I lower the rear,How do y'all lower your front forks ( short of moving them up in the trees ). Do you cut the springs, or change the springs ? I would love to hear how people do it.