1. X1valin1x

    For Sale - 1981 XS 650 Parts Part Out....

    1981 xs 650 special part out. Everything is OEM. If I don't have it listed let me know, and I might have it. Hi all. I'm going through boxes right now. I have a xs650 that was given to me. I'm going to be parting out a bunch of the parts as time goes on. Here is what I have to start. I'll add...
  2. D

    Wanted - OEM 1981 XS650 speedometer

    In need of a OEM speedometer for my 81’. The small bolts came loose, opened it up to fix that problem, get it all back together and now the needle won’t work. They make it really hard to do anything to the Speedo. So I’m looking for one I can just drop into the housing, if anyone’s got one...
  3. A

    Earl 80s XT250 camshaft differences

    Hi all! I have an XT250, year of manufacture 1983, which needs a new camshaft. Apparently, there are several oem camshaft versions for this bike. US, Europe, Switzerland, etc. And the prices vary wildly as well, some US versions being cheapest. So now my question is: Will a US market oem...
  4. Grimmith

    For Sale - Tachometer

    Tachometer off my 77xs650 D. some wear and tear, all bolts with, works fine. one of the wires will need a new male or female end I don't remember. It's how I found it when I got the bike. Shipping cost is on the buyer because I'll ship wherever and some places cost more than others. Asking 35.00
  5. Grimmith

    For Sale - XS650 Oil Filter Cap

    This cap came off the 74 TX 650 engine. Relief Engraving all done by hand. Make an offer?
  6. Bike Cap

    Bike Cap

    My custom made cover for my OEM gas cap, no harm done to the original. I can make custom ones for you to a point. Still don't have much for materials.
  7. ExtraRegularGuy

    Make Offer - OEM XS pieces

    ive got a gas tank, petcock, bars, seat, seat grab bar, and the whole TCI ignition including the charging system. Its all of an 81 XS650
  8. X

    Some cheaper genuine Yamaha parts available

    I have spent a lot of the day searching the interweb for Yamaha part numbers and a lot of the time I ended up on the same site and thought I'd flag it up. http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/parts.html