oil leak

  1. Qwervo

    Bent clutch push rod - Worn out housing

    Hi folks, already posted this in the XCS400 forum but though you might be able to help me as well, as these parts are pretty similar in the xs650. I own an XS400 L Maxim 1984. I've been living with a manageable oil leak for the past 6000 miles, until I decided to investigate it. The leak is...
  2. M

    Leaks and stuck RPM (high) even with clutch in. 83' xs650 Heritage Special

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and I'm new to XS bikes. This is my second bike, and my first carbureted one as my last one (15' sr400) had EFI. Heads up I'm in the early process of learning as much as I can about bike mechanics and modifications (as I have modification plans for this bike); so...
  3. O

    Smoking from Left Pipe....

    I know there have been quite a few similar threads here but my 79' tracker is smoking something fierce on the left side only. Details of the build are below if it helps, I did pull the left header pipe and found a bunch of soot, and some oily residue coming up from the exhaust valve (not from...
  4. Port

    Oil leak - bottom of enginer

    I recently got my bike running and i have since noticed another slight oil leak when i park it. I get a couple of drops on the ground as soon as i park it but not much after that. I need to replace the crush washers and want to cover as many of these possible causes as i can while i have the...
  5. S

    XS1B oil in cylinder

    Hi; I've trying to bring an XS1B back to life. And lately been fighting with the engine and carbs. On idle the bike is excellent, starts first kick cold or hot, and holds very low rev with no apparent problem. I believe that if i left her on idle with the gas tank full, she would burn it all...
  6. toddr513

    1975 xs650 oil leak need help

    Hey it's been a while. I have a pretty bad oil leak in my left side cover. There is a black plug above my chain sprocket. When I bought the engine it had a crack in the crank case....think it might have been laid down. And it didn't start leaking till recently when I put an electronic ignition...
  7. jetmechmarty

    Clutch pushrod seal

    It leaked. I replaced it. It still leaked. Replaced the bushing. Hopefully, I'm done. No joy trying to pull it with a drill bit. I tapped the bushing 3/8-16 and threaded a carriage bolt into it. A slide hammer did the rest.
  8. S

    Opened Valves -- Found a Squirrel Present

    I guarantee this is a new one... Finally got my valve spring compressor in the mail and went to town taking the valve springs and plungers off. Everything was going swimmingly, I have to say the valve spring compressor was a fantastic purchase. So I get to the exhaust valve on the right hand...
  9. B Burdine97

    Leaky push rod seal? Or leaky output shaft seal?

    Good evening gentlemen, Today i decided to track the source of my oil leak from under the left side engine cover. While looking for the leak I noticed more oil under the output shaft then I did the push rod. But I did notice how easy the push rod itself was to move up and down, side to side. I...
  10. JaxShane650

    1980 Yamaha XS650 oil leak and electrical issue (with video explaining)

    Video showing and better explaining issues - Hello, this is my first post on this forum and I hope y'all can help me out with this one. I have recently acquired a 1980 Yamaha XS650 that was not in too bad of shape. I'm new to motorcycles and never worked on one before, but I have experience...
  11. S

    Done goofed, tipped bike and now oil shoots from the exhaust

    Edited for brevity: I tipped my bike over two days ago and since then it has been spewing white smoke and now oil from the exhaust. Prior to that it was running perfectly, no leaks, no smoke, nothing. Checked oil level after tipping and it had lost a bit, so I refilled. Guessing that oil went...
  12. G

    1982 Special - Leak from cam chain cover

    I have an '82 special that has a nagging oil leak from the 6 bolt cover that houses that cam chain tension adjuster. The leak appears to be coming from the top right 2 bolts. I've tried a new gasket, but I think the issue is that I can't crank down hard enough on the bolts. I got new bolts as...
  13. W

    Cam chain tensioner gasket

    Hello everyone. You have all been amazing at answering my newbie questions, so here I come again for more. I have a pretty good oil leak coming from the cam chain tensioner. It looks like it's probably the gasket under under the 6 bolt cover. I'd love to replace this myself instead of paying...
  14. JayR

    Head leaking oil after engine removal - problem?

    I was wondering if any of you all experienced this and if it means I should investigate further by removing the head: Engine runs well, no leaks evident on several test runs of 10-30 minutes each over 2-3 months (restoration job so I got the engine running and have now stripped it down). 2...
  15. G

    Oil Leak Problem

    Hey guys, I'm a new rider/member and a proud owner of a 1982 XS650. My bike is in overall good condition with just a few issues that I want to address. The first of which is an oil leak that is occurring on the left side of the engine. It is dripping substantially onto the chain (consequently...
  16. Yatez

    Two BOLTS

    My xs 650 1977 has started leaking from one of 2 bolts on the front of the engine located behind the oil transfer pipe. I tried to tighten the bolts and the top one feels stripped. See attached picture. My question is what does the bolts do and how do I stop the leak?
  17. S

    I'm doing battle with my advance housing. And I'm losing.

    Here is the lowdown. I have an oil leakage at the advance housing. I have installed mikes new style seals, new gasket and new o-ring. Polished the end of the cam before install of the new seal. Polished both sealing surfaces, housing and head area for perfect mating of the gasket and o-ring. Im...
  18. richardthemotorcycle1

    Oil Leak?

    Hi guys, new here. Just bought a 1983Yamaha 650 Heritage Special and there is a oil leak right under the clutch side, I'm thinking gasket, not sure what to order, any ideas?
  19. hotrdd

    Oil leak on Kick starter side

    Have a small oil leak on the Kick starter side of the bike that seems to come out when I am riding. If I let the thing sit on the stand in the shop nothing. Since it's a little hard to hang over the side of the bike while riding to try and track the leak down I thought I'd check the torque on...
  20. B

    I have an oil on the upper part of my engine. '77 xs650

    I just rode my bike today for the first time to get it registered and I when I came back home I noticed oil on a lot of parts on the left side of the bike. It seems like the leak comes from above the spark plug, but you be the judge by looking at the pictures. This bike was a gift from my...