rephased 277

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    Need help only one cylinder firing

    Greetings!!! I have a 277 rephased 78 that I "rebuilt" and am having trouble with her. FYI the "rebuild" took me roughly 5 years =). 277 Electronic ignition Kit Electronic Ignition Plate & Rotor High Output Ultima Coil HHB CDI kit I got the bike started and idling for a few days at 1100 rpm...
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    For Sale - Rephased Pamco for sale

    Hi Folks, I have a Pamco ignition for a rephased motor that I ended up not using on my build. New in packaging for sale on ebay ( I paid $105 when I originally ordered it from Pamco Pete & I have it listed for $70. Thanks!
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    Can't figure out misfire!!!!!! WTF

    Ok so I have a rephrased xs650 hhb charging system pamco ignition no battery Been fucking with this bike for 2 months and I'm ready to beat the thing with a hammer... Running b34 mikuni carbs jetted for open pipes and air pods they are clean,it is timed correctly it only starts with the throttle...
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    Clutch issues new build engine

    double post
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    Clutch issues new build engine

    Hi you all... ive been struggeling all day at the garage, trying to adjust the clutch on my new rebuild and rephased engine. Ive followed Carbons youtube vid end to end, and it still gives me problems finding not only neutral, but allso the switch in gears isnt going smoothe. If the bike...