1. Repo Man

    XS Restomod rolling chassis

    Been kicking around an idea for a while, so what do you think? I’ve been involved with several XS builds with upgraded rolling stock, modern forks, wheels, big brakes with 4 piston calipers, beefy swing arms, dual and single shock chassis. I work as a machinist and have a good racer friend...
  2. A

    Sold / Found / Inactive - TX650 Restomod Project For Sale

    Up for sale is a 1973 TX650 (XS650) restomod project that I have given up on. This project started as a basket case bike with a blown motor and many missing parts. I took it on a few years ago and I've finally come to the realization that it's too much for me & my poorly equipped shop. So far...
  3. Rhy650

    1971 Build for Dad

    This post will document the completion of an XS1B restomod. To anyone new to this thread, I am finishing this bike as a tribute to my Dad who passed away from pancreatic cancer in late 2020. He had two bikes in progress - a 1980 that I recently “finished” and this 1971. Of the two, he was far...
  4. LiveSlowDieWhenever

    First time rehab of a 1976ish basket case

    **edit, March 2019, retitled thread to avoid all xs2 confusion, read on for explanation** Greetings all! I recently stumbled into a new project, a 72 xs with a menagerie of shadetree mechanic work and apparent roadside cob-jobs from the headlight to tail light. I'll be posting my progress here...