seat build

  1. Gcraay

    Custom seat work

    I’m making my seat foam right now and need the leatherwork done. Does anyone do this? I have an aluminum pan I’m connecting it to.
  2. rhkansas

    Late Model (lift off) Seat Mod and Rebuild

    Part one: Getting to the Bottom of Things.. Please note that this modification is for the late model (1980) and later special and special 2 models with the lift off saddle. I'm also not the greatest at documenting projects as I go along - tend to get involved in the work and forget all about...
  3. Focal

    Legendary cafe seat

    I've been trying to get that cafe look for my bike and I am taking it one step at a time. Done a few upgrades and then i decided the next step should be the seat. I've bought most of my stuff from mike's xs and their service has been great. Browesed their site and decided the legendary cafe seat...