1. Muckroot

    "Used" Forks - need opinions

    Hello, I am talking with a guy in virginia about a set of forks he's got for (we think) an XS650. I'm interested in using just the forks, triple tree, bar clamps, and axle. I won't be using the fender, wheel, bars, or headlight brackets. I might use the hand controls but I haven't decided yet...
  2. smiles79

    Broken key in handlebar lock

    Anyone have any ideas as to how to remove the broken key piece from inside the handlebar lock? That was the best picture I could get.
  3. G

    Handlebar wobble at 45mph

    I've notice a peculiar thing with my bike. If I'm riding with no hands(just for fun/testing) my handlebars wobble quite violently BUT only at speeds around 45. Any speed faster than 50 no wobble, same with under 40. Weirdest thing. I'm not sure if this is a steering head bearing issue, an...
  4. R

    Steering Components - Is the PO f'ing with me again

    Hi all, First, the title of this thread is in reference to my PO installing the camshaft backwards. So I had my bike almost completely disassembled. There were only 2 pieces left to remove (and they were a bitch). The two pieces were located in the frame where the steering stem goes through...
  5. breahn riley

    Steering Head Bearing Kit

    Has anyone purchased these kits from Mikes or 650central? I like the idea of replacing the loose ball bearings. What do you guys think?