1. YamadudeXS650C

    Installing Bronze Swingarm Bushings and Setting Sideplay

    I thought I'd compile the essential elements of the swingarm procedures from my other recent thread http://www.xs650.com/threads/yet-another-swingarm-bushing-thread.51061/ ....into a more coherent, single post for those who might want to read the info more easily for their own installation...
  2. abyssmaltailgate

    Wanted - Frame w/ or w/o Title

    I'm looking for an unmodified, uncut XS650 swing arm frame for a resto/mod. I am happy to buy a frame with or without a title. The more original, the better. I've got a motor I plan on dropping in it with '79-'80 XS-SG crankcases so a contemporary frame/fit is preferred, but I do not believe...
  3. azman857

    Anybody ever try this?

    I've wondered this for a while. The stepped swingarm bolt we have(or had for those who upgraded). Instead of enlarging the hole for the unstepped bolt from a Suzi, Why not bore and thread the original bolt after the stepped, threaded portion is removed(sawed or machined) off? Use a bolt of same...
  4. VonFuct

    Swingarm mounted fender... who's running one?

    Okay, my bracket/inner fender support keeps breaking on me so I'm looking for ideas on doing things a bit better. Please excuse the booger welds, they were put on last time it broke to get me home and lasted about another 50-60 miles before they broke as well. What seems to be happening is the...
  5. J

    Crooked swingbar

    So basically my swing arm is crooked, and it is wrecking one side of my tire. I haven't been able to figure out what the matter is. From what I have looked at I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the bushings, and the bearings. From what I know everything on the swing bar is stock, and it...
  6. jradvantage

    Question regarding powder coating the swingarm

    I'm getting ready to powdercoat the swingarm. I'm also going to replace the plastic bushings with the brass. Do I need to remove the plastic bushings before getting it powdercoated? Or, do I need to remove everything from the swingarm pivot area and just sand the powdercoating off afterward...
  7. voelser

    Yambits swingarm needle bearings

    Does any of my fellow UK builders have any experience with these? I'm having some trouble with them: Initially I couldn't drive the bearings in deep enough for the dustcap holder to sit flush, but after going to a garage to have them pressed in deeper the two inner needle bearings seem to jam...
  8. Sci85

    Need swing arm pivot tube measurement

    Hello, Can someone measure their stock swingarm inner bushing/pivot tube length? I bought this bike as a work in progress and so far, I am finding lots of effed up stuff by the PO. Anyway, upon inspection of the swingarm, the pivot tube is sitting below the out brass bushings by at least an...
  9. B

    swingarm lengths?

    what are your guys thoughts on the length of the swingarm? I have been puting together a 1981 cafe,tracker style. I have seen people stretch the stock swingarms 3 or so inches. are they doing this for fuction? or a look? I have an xs 400 swingarm that bolted right up. I know the shock mounts are...
  10. emzdogz

    which swingarm to save and which to butcher

    So, I own 2 swingarms which I'm not using since my bike is hardtailed. I need to cut one up for the tabs that used to be the outer side of the shock mounts. The other I will save and probably just give away with all the other stock stuff I have laying around. One swingarm is a discbrake...
  11. lawrgj

    Stripping to frame. How to remove swingarm bushings and steering bearings

    Ok guys how do i get the swing bushings and head bearings out?:wtf:
  12. ChopperRobb

    God*&%$, Mother%^&$#@! &^%$#@ Swingarm

    Ok...how the %$#@ do you get the stupid *&^% swingarm bushings out of the ^%$# swingarm? Mine are officially shredded inside and still won't come out? (this is why all you guys are hardtailing them, huh?) As you can tell I've been working on this all night and am at the point of setting fire to...
  13. gggGary

    Any ideas what swing arm will work here?

    Went junk picking yesterday and couldn't stop myself.... (sigh) So this frame looks cool, chome moly, weighs like 20 pounds. wondering if there is a swing arm that would bolt in or am I designing (modding) something to work? Any comment welcome.
  14. T

    Longer swingarm options for XS650 scrambler

    Sorry if this has been covered before. My slow internet makes it really hard to search for stuff. I'm looking for a swingarm to swap onto my XS650 scrambler that's a few inches longer than stock. I'd like to do something that wouldn't take a lot of modifications, though I can weld/fabricate...
  15. C

    Rear swingarm pivot

    How do I remove this thing? I have the nut off the right side but the thng won't budge.
  16. Wally

    Swing Arm

    Some help Please Did I see some were here a list of swing arms that bolt to a XS frame???????
  17. D

    swingarm pivot bolt?

    I just read on a website that stated the swingarm pivot bolt had failed at the threaded end and actually broke off(more than once). I just installed the bronze bushings and had never heard about any bolt problems. Has anyone ever heard about this or swapped out the bolt for a different type...
  18. F

    Swingarm Brace Dimensions

    Has anyone made there own swingarm brace? I'm thinking about giving it a shot but I don't how wide it needs to be near the front of the swing arm to give it enough clearance for the chain. I know it needs to be about 9 inches on center where it meets the axle plates but I'm wondering if it...