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Finally got myself an XS650, only been waiting a couple of decades... The plan is for a homebuilt hardtail bobber, not ground breaking I know but this is my 'Celebration bike' having beaten the big C at the start of the year. This will be this winter's build so plenty of time to gather parts although I do tend to make my own when possible. I know it's a long shot but if anyone has a spare engine knocking around I'd be very interested, mine is an unknown quantity and I doubt I can live with the broken fin on this project!


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Welcome. You've found the best place on the planet for XS information, resources and like-minded people. We like build threads. And pictures. Lots of pictures... :D

Congratulations on your victory! Been through that with family, I have an idea what that's like.

There is no shame in making a hardtail. In fact there are a couple of "very" regulars to this website who are currently working on highly modified XS bikes. The XS engine is one of the best looking for building hardtails/Boppers/Choppers. Is the engine currently working? Hopefully it is so you can concentrate more on the bike design.

If necessary, that broken fin can be built back up by a skilled TIG welder and then filed back into shape. But if you require rebore and new pistons then perhaps look out for a second hand set of barrels. Those fins are quite delicate and are often broken by hitting with a rubber hammer when trying to remove the barrels.

When it comes to spare XS parts, this is the place to enquire regarding good suppliers of quality parts.

Enjoy your XS Build.
Thanks Paul, the engine is not seized and has good compression. This and the new base gasket and damaged fin suggests to me that it may have been seized and has been stripped and freed and hopefully is now good. But I do like spares so will keep an eye out for an engine. No carbs either but I fancy a single carb, can of worms perhaps, but I like the simplicity and the rumoured extra torque.
Member "Teecat" did a single carb conversion way back. If you search his name you will find his discussion. His issue was fitting the single carb with the frame in the way. Not an issue for you, just make sure you create enough space when modifying the frame. Try the following link: