Harvest Classic in Luchenback, Texas! Let's get a group together!


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Austin, TX
October 17th and 18th I would like to meet up with a group and ride out to the annual Harvest Classic, camp, and stay the entire event.

Movie screenings, BBQ, cold beer, and bike heads!

If you are in the area or would even like to come down for the event I would totally offer a place to sleep while we ready up!

would anyone be interested?

I also have a group of riders from meetup coming so there will be a group riding classic motorcycles there. I am so excited.
The harvest classic is this weekend. For more info, you can check my album:



This will be my 5th or 6th Harvest Classic, I've lost count, but this will be the first time I enter a bike in the judged show.
I will be entering my 1981 street tracker (above), in the "specials" category, which is the customs category. That's a tough category because I will be up against $40K pro shop builds. So, everyone, please show some XS650 Forum solidarity and vote for me, even if you don't like my bike! I'm not expecting to win, but it would be great if I took third. Vote for me early and vote for me often, and get your crew to vote for me too. Thanks.

I will be riding the Yellow 5 from Austin on Friday. I always go the total back roads way, completely avoiding 290, instead going through Wimberly and Blanco. It is a super ride.
Friends will be hauling the '76 XS650 Bug Killer for me, and that's what I will be riding once I get there. I plan on going to Enchanted Rock on Saturday after I enter the street tracker in the show. If anyone wants to find me out there, call me at 512-339-7610.
Oh, man, this place is a madhouse! Hundreds of bikes and folks everywhere (maybe thousands).

Dogbunny's out sunning himself on top of Enchanted Rock. I'm here voting on the numerous entries.
Earlier, at a crowded filling station down the road, some fellow on a white XT500 yelled something to me, commenting on my 'Green Slug'. Long story short, I finally met 'The Limey'.

Dogbunny's tracker at the show:


The Limey has his custom XS competing as well:

Event organizers have posted that the 2015 Harvest Classic is ON, rain or shine.


But, the weather prognosticators are madly pumping out dire predictions and flood warnings.


Looks like I'll be hunkered-down and wimping out this year...