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For Sale - Parts I don’t need!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by member3480, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Lower tree $20.00
    Upper tree $20.00
    Top motor mount $15.00
    Yamaha Disk $45.00
    Carbs ????? Came with parts $50.00
    Right side caliber mount $20.00
    Battery holder both $25.00
    Tail light $10.00
    New 17 tooth sprocket $15.00
    Front motor mount. $15.00
    Clutch cover. $65.00
    Ask I may have it!!!!!

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  2. itschrisb

    itschrisb XS650 Addict

    Any airboxes for an ‘83? What year are those carbs for?
  3. I have a air box but don’t know what year I will post pictures.
    Don’t know what carbs are for . Maybe KZ but don’t match up with XS650 ports
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  4. itschrisb

    itschrisb XS650 Addict

    sounds good let me know a price on the airboxes!
  5. Here is what I got
    $20.00 plus shipping

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  6. I also have a couple Harness Kits
    Wires only ! $45.00 shipped free in USA
    Wires with switches NO Fuse block $65.00 free shipping in USA
    Wires with switches and fuse block $85.00 free shipping in USA
    CUSTOM HARNESS KITS you have to contact me.

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  7. tfe1870

    tfe1870 old650

    looking for a stator with 8 pin connector for 83xs650
  8. Sudonate91

    Sudonate91 XS650 Addict

    Do you have any rear spoked wheels?
  9. Sorry don’t have any stator’s or rear wheels
  10. Not Sure

    Not Sure XS650 Member

    Would you happen to have headlight mounts and turn signals for a 77 xs650? Thanks
  11. Yes I do have headlight ears . I will post pictures today
  12. tekk220

    tekk220 XS650 Addict

    where in nj are you located? In case I ever want to pick anything up?
  13. tekk220

    tekk220 XS650 Addict

    ive been meaning to go over the whole bike and make a list of "needs" for like 6 months now lol
  14. I am in Toms River but I also have parts in Statenisland NY and in Williamstown NJ.
    I build with 3 other guys and parts are spread out. Get your list together and maybe we can help you out. We also will have 5 builds for sale in 2021 as they are done.
    Have a great Holiday
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  15. Anyone waiting o pictures of parts they will be up soon.
    had to leave for a couple days but will be back on Sat.

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