For Sale - Rear sets and clip on's

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I have these rear sets that were removed from a 1981. I'm pretty sure they are the Loaded Gun by TC Bros.

They list for $225 new and you have to modify your shifter/brake pedal. These are bolt on. Also included is your choice of clip on bars. The black set is used and adjustable for angle. The silver set is new and only used for mock up once.
I also have some Clubman bars, but that would require a bigger box. I think I can ship in a flat rate box for under $20.
Asking $200 net to me (meaning you pay any PayPal fees or send as a gift, and pay actual shipping costs).

cant tell for sure from the pics, but are these the rear sets that have a flip up right peg? my xs is kick only, so i'd need to be able to keep the peg out of the way for start up.
The pegs do not fold, but a quick mock up shows that the kicker clears.
The guy I got the bike from ran it kick only for a while, only reinstalling the starter just before I got it.
i appreciate you checking. i think i'd need the folding type. i bent a passenger peg the first time i tried to kick the bike over with that guy down. that was a cheap original part made of a flimsier metal. i dont want to hurt my ankle or foot hitting the rearset lol
That's cool.
FYI, for anyone else looking, the only part of these close to the kicker is the shifter part of the pegs; the part your toe touches. It clears fine. The foot peg part is farther back and nowhere close to the kicker.
Sorry, just saw your reply.
They're your standard chrome Clubman bars. I'll see if I can get a pi .

Rear sets and clip on's still available.