x650 Storm Conversion Kit.


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Hi fellow enthusiasts. I just saw this kit for an XS650. I wouldn't do it to mine , plus I have a special and I am not sure if the seat would fit this kit. However, If I ever see an XS650 that is "cosmetically challenged and cheap I'd definitely consider buying it and adding this kit. Here is a link to a review.


"Phil just introduced the Storm conversion kit for the Yamaha 650. If you’ve always had a soft spot for the Triumph Hurricane, but your budget is a bit short of what you need to pick up one of those vintage classics, this realistically captures the appearance, albeit minus one cylinder, with one piece appearing bodywork which is actually a cleverly designed separate tank and tail section. I think he did a really nice job with the seat, too, it attaches with some very secure velcro strips and it flows nicely from the tank to the tail so you don’t have to go the foam slab route if your upholstery skills are lacking.X650 Storm conversion kit for the Yamaha 650 from Phil Little Racing........

The Storm body kit is priced at $959. Options include graphics, frame cover plates, low western bars, minimalist brake and taillight, fork brace, vintage style shocks and a side mounted license plate holder.
That good looking exhaust is available separately from Michael Morse for $300."
I read somewhere recently Triumph have got dibs/hold/registered/secured the name "Hurricane" - they have got something in mind.
Slightly off track - I bought a new Trident T160 around 1974 - as mentioned in the link to Phil Little Racing that 3 cylinder motor had a beautiful sound - it was the worst bike I have ever owned - it had a miss the day I bought it and it had the same miss the day I sold it after throwing lots of new parts at it - and after all these years I would love to have another one - please dont try to figure that out because I cant - a neat one is nudging 30,000 Aud now.
Regards Ray.