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Featured 2018 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Travis, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Mailman

    33 vote(s)
  2. Jessezm

    34 vote(s)
  3. wolds

    24 vote(s)
  4. DanielBlack

    22 vote(s)
  5. YamaDudeXS650C 75

    31 vote(s)
  6. GeorgeOC

    25 vote(s)
  7. Cycleranger

    27 vote(s)
  8. Redman2932

    16 vote(s)
  9. robinc

    9 vote(s)
  10. jamessgs4

    23 vote(s)
  11. Phaedrus

    27 vote(s)
  12. IronHeartCycles

    18 vote(s)
  13. shortTRIP

    37 vote(s)
  14. halfmile

    30 vote(s)
  15. jtziggy

    34 vote(s)
  16. Satch39

    19 vote(s)
  17. Metal

    28 vote(s)
  18. YamaDudeXS650C 83

    14 vote(s)
  19. JayR

    26 vote(s)
  20. LeDom

    19 vote(s)
  21. TwoManyXS1Bs

    33 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. 18-xs650-vote-banner.jpg

    Vote for the XS650s you'd like to see in the 2018 XS650 Calendar!

    It's time to Vote!

    This will be the sixth year for the XS650 Calendars! As usual, Shawn (samoran1) is the person putting them together for us. The nomination stage is over and the ones that were nominated, seconded, and accepted are ready to be voted on. There are 21 this year. Click here to see the nomination thread.

    This is the voting thread. There will be 13 bikes in the calendar (the calendar will include January 2019). The bike with the most votes will be on the cover and also have its own month (like last the last 4 years). Voting will end on November 6th. You can vote for as many bikes as you want. You can only vote once and only existing members will be able to vote. Accounts created after the time of this post won't be able to vote.

    Nominees, feel free to post more photos and details of your bike in this thread. If you want me to replace any of the photos in this post, let me know. I used what was provided in the nomination thread. I will post up to two photos of each bike in this post. You can add more in this thread.

    For the top 13: To get these calendars printed and shipped on time, samoran1 needs all of the pictures for the calendar asap. He will set a deadline. Once the voting is underway, if you see you're doing well, get your pictures and information ready to send. You will need to send 3 or 4 high quality photos of your bike with no logos or watermarks (min dimension to be posted later) and your name, location, bike year/model, and SHORT bike bio via email to Shawn. He'll post his information in this thread or send it to the top 13 via private conversation. You need to be the owner of the photos or have permission to use the photos for the calendar. In the event that people are unable to supply photos in time, the next runner up will be included instead. So the close runners up (14, 15 and 16) may wish to have photos ready to send in.

    After the voting is complete and the calendar is put together, a thread will be created with the final product and a link to an ordering page. There will be a limited time to order, so check back often for the ordering thread. A link to the ordering thread will be posted in this thread as well as on the main page.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped make this calendar happen so far!

    Here are the nominations. Vote using the poll above.


















    YamaDudeXS650C 83



    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
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  2. IronHeartCycles

    IronHeartCycles XS650 Enthusiast

    Huge thank you to Travis for putting this together and allowing us to show off our bikes.

    Here is a small run down on my bike and a few pictures (before I built the new exhaust) and a video.

    1974 XS650
    Stock front loop with an elswick hardtail, all tabs have been removed as well as the top motor mount. Up front I am running Harley 39mm forks with a set of Mullins 39mm narrow trees, and a set of 2" drop springs. 21" spool up front and a 16" Harley rim in the rear.

    277 Rephase
    700cc JE Pistons
    R/D valve springs
    Elephant foot tappets
    Port and polished head
    8 pack clutch
    EBC heavy clutch springs
    Polished transmission
    5th gear OD
    VM34 Carbs
    Dynatek DC3-2 Coils
    1.75" Pie Cut Stainless Exhaust
    Gear ratio is 18/32

    IMG_8964.JPG IMG_8949.JPG
    Here is a video with the new stainless exhaust I built this year.
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  3. MaxPete

    MaxPete Lucille, Betty & Demi - I suggest but THEY decide. XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    OK - I’m definitely moving to the planet Jupiter.

    12 months are simply NOT enough.

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  4. Metal

    Metal XS650 Custom shop

    372227C8-C338-4502-A167-F8AB0097956C.jpeg 9FE483FB-F58B-4B25-B9A9-439F97C59377.jpeg I think it’s great there is such a great community around these bikes all these builds are amazing.

    So my bike is an XS1.
    XS1 cases
    256 cam
    Late model gear box
    5speed overdrive
    Ported Head
    Falicon Race Crank
    29 tooth rear sprocket
    Race pistons and rods
    CT100 front wheel
    Custom axles
    Custom forks and shaved fork legs 3inches lowered.
    Converted the top trees to take one inch bars
    4” head light converted to run a 100w halogen
    PMA from a Banchie
    Battery eliminator
    CBR reg/rec
    Custom made bars, tank, oil tank, fender
    VM38 carbs
    Panhead hand controls
    Custom cables
    Everything powder coated silver
    I made the hard tail and fitted to a matching numbers 1969 frame.
    All fabrication, engine build and bike build was done in my own shop here in Stockton North California.
    I ride this bike every week and on long rides regularly. It’s fast and light and a first kick start.

    Thanks for checking it out
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
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  5. Redman2932

    Redman2932 ‘83 Bobber

    E70429EE-7DDD-4D2E-A654-4A56C01523BC.jpeg So my bike is an ‘83 Heritage Special

    This bike had been sitting in my cousins shed for about 13yrs. After his failed attempts at restoring I thought what the hell let’s give it a shot. After countless nights in the garage and banging my head on my work bench I transformed this beast into what she is today with the help of some close friends and many beers . When I got the bike it only had good compression on one side. Right away I knew I would be at least tearing the top of the motor down for a rebuild. All the electrical components were shot and many parts were missing. After realizing all this I finally accepted I was making a bobber. After a year of cutting, grinding, and welding it finally started coming together.

    -Bored .020” over and new rings and pistons installed
    -New Pamco Ignition and PMA charging system
    -Yo Mamma Pipes
    -Stock BS34 Carbs refurbished by Oldschool Carbs and rejetted 137.5 and 45
    -Valves lapped and blue checked for 100% seating
    -TC Bros hardtail, forwards, tins, sissy bar, electronics oil tank, handlebars, and battery box.

    Thanks to all the Info in these threads I was able to make my first build a success. Couple minor kinks to work out on my carb mixtures and I think thing will be just about perfect. Thanks for your votes it really means a lot.
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  6. LeDom

    LeDom XS650 Enthusiast


    Before / after

    You can go take a look at my build thread here

    That bike rolled in my garage as a non functionning pile of parts, I had no idea of the overall condition. But at the end it started without any issue and rides like a brand new bike

    What have been done :
    Spoke wheels with new ss spokes and 18" rear rim
    Modified frame
    Custom made seat
    Custom made exhaust
    Custom made battery box with motogadget m unit wiring
    Polished all the engine covers
    Engine respray
    Everything blasted and powdercoated
    Everything in and out of the carbs is new
    K&n pod filters
    All the fab work done by me

    Thank you !
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
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  7. YamadudeXS650C

    YamadudeXS650C Central New York XS650 XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Thanks to Shawn and Travis for all their time and efforts.

    This '75 is a "survivor", with original paint, chrome and bits, as far as I can tell. I've done my best to keep the patina as is, although the bike needed extensive cleaning of surfaces and electrical connections. It reportedly sat in a barn for awhile at one point. I do all my own work, and refurb'd the forks inside and out, installed a PAMCO, hi-output coil, solid state rectifier and voltage regulator, rebuilt the stock BS38's, new tires, sprockets and chain. Washed the tank interior with Vapo-Rust, rebuilt the petcoks. Did the starter gear overhaul and replaced the clutch plates. Still has the air boxes and OEM filters, original handlebars and seat.

    It was my go-to XS to ride this fall, and I credit XS650.com and its members for the info and support I needed to get it running well.

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  8. 650Skull

    650Skull SSSSSSSSSlither Top Contributor

    I have a complaint and questions.....................Why is there a bike up for the calendar nomination and voting when it was in last years, (2016), calendar. .................This is not fair to Brassneck because he was nominated and seconded and the owner/builder wouldn't accept the nomination because he didn't think it was fair to accept when his bike was also a last years, (2016), calendar. The other bikes nomination wasn't accepted by the owner and is in the voting for the calendar.

    Quote Travis]
    if any other nominations already made it into our other calendars, like 660smc and BrassNeck's, we'll have to exclude those as well. Anyone see any others? [quote

    Sure it is only missing a headlight but if a bike is not finished it should not be up for the vote..............where will this lead to when an unfinished bike is allowed to be voted on for the calendar...................may be next year i will put up my bike bench as i have a concept......will that be allowed............extreme and unreasonable but so is voting on a bike that is not finished.................

    this is not fair............but the rules are the admins to change and alter as he pleases........
  9. LeDom

    LeDom XS650 Enthusiast

    Dude. Chill. The bike is completed. They just used the picture I had during the nominations. If that's too much of a deal tell me and Ill get out, i'm not here to start a war
  10. Redman2932

    Redman2932 ‘83 Bobber

    896A7626-B953-49B4-9DE2-6FFBECC04025.jpeg 643E0839-F298-482E-BEDA-D177E9A5B1BC.jpeg Couple new pics I got today I think turned out pretty good.
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  11. DanielBlack

    DanielBlack XS650 Junkie

    Since the day I put her on the road early September last year, Stella has been my daily ride to points all over the Phoenix valley. She came to me in rather good shape, but she was and still is a 40 year old bike. She'd been mildly neglected, a PO or two (sometimes the CO, too) made a few mistakes, but all in all it's been a great year of learning motorcycles, engine and carburetor theory, mechanical tricks and tips, the list is enormous.

    The evening I brought Stella home, I went out to the shed just to hear her run and feel the vibration through the dirt. I reached down to the choke and the lever fell off my in my hand. It was an easy fix, but it was a good clue as to what it would be like to ride a classic bike as my main transportation everyday. Mostly a lot of fun and exhilaration, but once in a while something might fall off in my hand.

    She's really not too much of a looker from closer than 15 feet or so, no comparison to the impeccable machines many of you polish so well. But she gets me to work everyday, and most of all, she's gotten me home every night too. She's got patina in spades, but the things that count in everyday traffic have been brought up to snuff by the fount of knowledge and guidance that is this forum.

    Kept stock, unless there's a good reason not to, upgrades include an electronic ignition, paper oil filter, stainless steel brake lines, tapered steering bearings, mounted voltmeter, all the usual suspects. More interesting items include a new seat (original pan & trim), a luggage rack, and my custom lighting upgrades. The original turn signal stalks act like running lights, turn signals, and four-way hazards. The stalks have not been modified, all could easily go back to stock function with a new harness. With low horizons and blinding rush hour sun, I like the added visibility and redundancy of the running lights.

    I've gotten a whole lot more out of running a classic bike than I expected to. I definitely didn't expect her to lead me to shared experiences with fine gentlemen around the world.


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  12. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

    I am truly honored to be nominated for this 2018 Calendar.
    The "Green Slug" can't believe it either.

    When I took these pics last year, I was more concerned about hiding behind the bluebonnets, and keeping resolution low enuff to avoid clogging a forum thread.
    XS1B_Bluebonnets03.jpg XS1B_Bluebonnets04.jpg

    So, these pics probably won't pass muster for hi-res, and I have plans for better ones.

    Kicking around some montage pics of the mods.
    The Lift Assist Handle.

    The Cluttered Instrumentation.

    Will these work?
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  13. cycleranger

    cycleranger Generally Ok.

    If I'd known the competition would be so strong I would have taken better photos. :) xs650c_outside_6.jpg 76_xs650.jpg
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  14. halfmile

    halfmile XS Builder XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    I just checked and Kansas is fresh out of mountains, oceans, and palm trees so craftsmanship is all I have to offer. B & W is fitting to the background I hope. Many thanks to all.
    XS`s 033-001.JPG XS`s 032-001.JPG XS`s 030-001.JPG XS`s 028-001.JPG XS`s 015-001.JPG
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  15. YamadudeXS650C

    YamadudeXS650C Central New York XS650 XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    In the great international tradition of open voting/elections, I would like to encourage those who have voted for my 1983 Heritage Special (thank you !):


    ...to switch your vote, and instead vote for my 1975 standard, which seems to at least have a fighting chance to get in the calendar. Or vote for both..:).
    I will nominate the '83 next year to give you a chance to once again vote for it. It is OK to change your vote.

    1975 XS650B

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
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  16. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

    Nothing out here stays clean for long.
    This is about as far as I can get it.

    So, I present you, from 6 feet away, my green '71 XS1B.
    Parked in front of the Cradle of Cosmic Cowboy Country.
    Luckenbach, TX ..... Pop. 3



    You can take the bike out of the country,
    But you can't take the country out of the bike.

    These are the low-res pics. Originals are 5mb.

    Attached Files:

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  17. robinc

    robinc Member of the 'yellow meter gang' Top Contributor

    Looks awesome 2M, well done! Love the pics.
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  18. MaxPete

    MaxPete Lucille, Betty & Demi - I suggest but THEY decide. XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    She really is pretty 2M - very classy green with that front drum and snazzy chrome trim on the sidecovers!

    ....and 6 feet is about as far as I can see anyway!!


    PS - Dude - an XS650 calendar without one of those sexy ‘75 black and gold bikes just ain’t right, so come on people!!!
  19. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Looks great 2M! Shined up really nice and the new seat cover and new trim pieces really make her pop!
    Very classy!
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  20. JayR

    JayR XS650 Addict

    CD7EA59B-0D15-49ED-9A60-4B14B8669BD9.jpeg 8B1B7C5E-6F71-4122-9D39-A5B0A7C34F09.jpeg FDC724D8-B8F3-4806-B4A7-E2B80DC54F0D.jpeg

    Thanks to Travis and the folks who keep this
    Forum humming. The fun and engagement around the calendar is just another example of the great community you all have fostered over the years.

    So I have a couple build threads somewhere on the site. But I suppose I’ll tell my story a bit. This started as a basket case 1982 I bought off a good kid in Brooklyn. Took about 18 months to complete the beast on weekends and after work, probably like everyone else.

    I grafted a 2004 Suzuki RMZ 250 front end and brake onto the Yamaha head tube (when I was a kid I bought an RM 125 with my paper route money so sort of a nod to that). Had to lower the front suspension travel from 11.75 inches to 6 inches to maintain the stock geometry.

    I scratched my head a lot about the wheels, but I found a rear wheel and hub, and swing arm from a 1973 TX750 on eBay and decided to go with Warp 9 Supermoto 17" front and rear wheels. This way I was able to replace the 1982 650 swing arm with the beefier 1973 Yamaha TX 750 swingarm. Then Callahans laced the larger TX750 rear hub to the Warp 9 wheel to maintain the drum brake look while providing greater braking power.

    I found a nice Aermacchi 5 3/4" reproduction headlight from when Harley was owned by the Italian aviation conglomerate! And to be safe I fabricated a custom front turn signal tree.

    Repurposed and fabricated the rear fender, used the original XS650 license plate light as rear brake light by fitting a new Lucas taillight to the original lisence plate bracket. I know, it sticks up too much, I’m going to shorten it - but like using as much of the original bike as possible.

    I made up that electronics box with all new wiring harness. And farmed out the seat p an to CognitoMoto, and 2 tone leather seat from Ginger at New Church moto. I suck at upholstery (and tile work btw!).

    New 17x32 drive train, Uni pod filters on rebuilt 32 carbs, Ducati Monster S4 handle bars (love ‘em), stock exhaust with beer can patch on cross tube connection - makes for a unique sound, and the original grungy pipes work for me.

    Shinko Trailmaster 130/90s front and rear, Acewell 2701 Speedo/Tach, Speedmaster Voltmeter just in case, although the stock charging system is strong. Texture Black powder coated frame. Bare metal XS650 tank with a Stripe of the original original red paint left for some color.
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