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Alfredo's Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by alfredo, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. So I bought this 78 special from a friend of a friend. Just now getting to tear into it. Plan on taking out the motor this weekend and redo'ing it. Just waiting on the welder to finish the engine stand. I have started to dissasemble the bike and put some parts on the forum for sale. This site is proving to be a valuable resource for information and parts.

    I will try to keep this thread as updated as possible. Below is the original pic:
  2. started taking everything off the frame. going to go jap brat style with this bike.

  3. going to have to sort out where to stuff all of this electrical after i reposition the springs, move the seat down and get a sporty tank. anyone know of a clever way to hide the harness? i would prefer to have minimal electronics visible.

  4. Keep us updated Alfredo! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. You have any plans on extending the swing arm?
  5. i hadn't planned on it no. prob just cut the springs in the shocks to lower it (if i can that is) and redo the seat rails to dip a little before connecting at the shock mounts. is it common to extend the swing arm?
  6. Hmm wouldn't say common, but I wouldn't say uncommon either lol. Usually ppl just buy shorter stocks and/or alter the swingarm from what I understand that is. As you know I chose the hardtail route so yeah.
  7. From what I've seen, people don't usually extend the swingarm when they say they're going for the bratstyle look. All the bikes on Bratstyle.com look like they just modify the seat rails, upper shock mounts, and use shorter shocks.
  8. Well I wasn't just referring to bratstyle. Just in general, but Travis is right. IMHO though I would extend the swing arm for the ability to lower the bike more. Though again, just MHO.
  9. ok. been a little while, but I have been working. I have cleaned up some of the frame (removed the reflector holders, wire holders, old tank rubber cup holders{see second pic})and cut the back seat out. Also, removed the carbs and drained the oil. Going to take out the engine this weekend and get the metal ordered for the new seat posts and spring mounts.

    Also, got a new tank in the other day. Let me know what you guys think about the tank. it is sitting a little high in this pic, but I plan to open up the front mounts a little and drill a hold where the old tank rubber once set and move the tank down to rest on the frame.

  10. Am I an idiot for asking this but what does IMHO mean?
  11. Yeah what he said. :thumbsup:
  12. Ottis

    Ottis XS650 Enthusiast

    If you are going to leave the tank that low i suggest you push it forward a bit to even out the looks. If you are going to run a hard tail it may appear disproportioned. IMHO.
  13. I plan on pushing it up so that the tank mounts are right where the old rubber cups met. maybe further if I can squeeze it more.
  14. So. Today alfredo sr. came over and helped me get the motor out. We used an engine lift and some nylon straps. Worked out great. Once we had it out, we mounted the custom made engine stand while the engine was hanging from the engine lift and the dimensions of the stand fit perfect.

    Put the engine on the table and then started cleaning the hubs to send them off for polishing.



  15. VENMUS

    VENMUS Fabricator Extraordinaire

    Didn't feel like hand polishing? Why pay someone else to simple rub it out for you, or did you mean chrome it? :doh:

    Either way, lookin good! Keep us posted - with pics of course.
  16. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    When you mount your tank you might want to have it just a bit off the frame. If it sets "right down on the frame" the vibration will rub the tank on the frame and rub a hole in the tank. Gas leaks on a hot engine= excitment.

    JAGUARGOD XS650 Addict

    Someday soon starting mine in Jap Bratstyle too...hope you dont mind I watch and learn
    how you do it. Have ideas but want to see it done. Lookin great so far. Just finished my Harley so time for another project. Luvin the Bratstyles...Kev.
  18. Ok. I know I haven't updated in a while. I have been a little busy with regular work and only managed to squeeze in about four hours total to work on the bike since the last update.

    I have the frame completely disassembled and the front and rear wheels, fork, swing arm out. I also got the top of the motor apart and am going to take the block to get machined this weekend. I bought new pistons that are 3rd oversize.

    I called a local shop and they have agreed to put the bratstyle seat post kit on for me. So I will be dropping the frame off this weekend as well.

    Hope everyone is doing well and I will post more when I have more.


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