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Custom build xs650 without hardtail your idea and pics plz

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by T-Bolt, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    Hi guys !

    I'm from Québec, Canada and i'm looking to restore my 1972 XS650 into a bad ass bobber but in Québec we have some law to respect to be legal on the road. Unfortunetly the hardtail is illegal so i would like to have your idea of how can i make my xs650 bad ass with pics of your project and precision of your modification. I need your help i'm a XS650 beginner :wink2:

    Thank you very much
  2. Brassneck

    Brassneck XS650 Guru

  3. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

  4. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    Thank you very much for the idea, i find these pics on the net. Do you have suggestions where can i find pieces with specification to build this kind of bike?

    View attachment 56 ATTACH]

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    WOLFHAWK XS650 Addict

    The first one is utilizing the Monster Craftsman brat kit
    That's what I used on my bike and its a great product.

    Also check out the kit by Visual Impact.

    There may be a few others that make a brat kit for the XS650 as well.

    Once you have the ideal frame in mind you can picture how you want the rest of the bike to look, while keeping in mind what type of riding you'll be doing.
  6. nh-jk

    nh-jk XS650 Addict

    You could go cafe style.... If you're going to ride a lot you will appreciate having a suspension!

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  7. RFeng

    RFeng XS650 Addict

    Here is my '77 with the Visual Impact 'brat' kit.


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  8. Lots of hardtails banging around in Quebec, Ontario too. I wouldnt worry about it myself. That being said, it was born a swingarm bike, let it be a swingarm bike. Nothing wrong with a 650 that it needs to become a Harley clone. Just strip it down as much as possible, make it light and tight. The brat kits are a little overkill IMHO.
  9. Motocue

    Motocue XS650 Enthusiast

    Really does the world need another bobber . There so dead as choppers are . Scramblers r in y kill your ass . To look cool . Lol
  10. Here is one or two or three that I built back 4 yrs ago. Most people hated it then all of a sudden others were building them. Just a different look.

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  11. chizler62

    chizler62 XS650 Addict

    Shot over to Boucherville and speak with Martin from Elka. He'll set up with a set of eye shockers that'll make your ride shine.
  12. AS bad as a design it was then. I sold all three bikes and all went for over $3000 and to my surprise they all handled good. It gave me the info I need to build this café later.

    and use the same type swingarm so all wasn't bad.
  13. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    thank you very much i visit monstercaftman.com and visualimpact2.com and i find a lot of pièces. I think i'll have fun !
  14. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    nice !! this is the visual impact kit including the seat ?
  15. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    i never see GPZ SWINGARM with bobber style bike ? what the advantage ?
  16. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    thank you !! i will take a ride to visit him for sure
  17. sou1f1y33

    sou1f1y33 XS650 Enthusiast

    I have the visual impact kit with a set of progressive 412's for rear shocks. Looks good and rides nice plus Mike is a nice guy and makes some really cool bikes.
  18. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member


    this bike look great to and he dont have hardtail...its another type of look than the two pics i show you higher but it will be interesting do you have any information about the kit he used ?
  19. T-Bolt

    T-Bolt XS650 Member

    do you have pics of your bike ? i would like to see them
  20. RFeng

    RFeng XS650 Addict

    Thanks - it is a blast to ride, although the combination of the Burley Slammer shocks and angled suspension make it pretty stiff. The frame parts are from visual impact - the seat is quite a few years old - I've not seen another one like it. I bought from a member of this forum in the classifieds.

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