1. Toro

    Splitting the cases

    I’m posting this in hopes to get some guidance on the matter at hand. I’ve disassembled the whole top end and am slowly getting to everything (boring and installing oversize pistons, checking head and valves for spec/lapping, new cam chain etc etc). The whole shebang. Anyways, while I have it...
  2. Grimmith

    For Sale - XS650 part lot 72' - 75' Part one

    All types of parts, make offers? I won't ask for much as long as you pay shipping, which will include the shipping label and tracking number. This is a Part 1 post because of so many pictures, part two will be in a minute. I'm also willing to take apart an engine for other parts if needed...
  3. J

    Wanted - Looking for a clutch basket for 1972 xs2 clutch hub and pressure plate

    Looking for a clutch hub and pressure plate for my 1972 xs650 xs2 306. Please let me know! I'm located in Bakersfield California
  4. Carter5450

    Wiring Help

    Ok guys, just went up to KS this last weekend and bought my first 650, actually I got two, a 72 that supposedly ran when parked and an 80 with no title thats just a parts bike. I know there are a TON of posts about wiring but most of them are a little over my head, I'm still working on reading...
  5. E

    Wanted - XS650/equivalent (1973-1979) In Michigan

    Hello All, I am looking for a 1970’s XS for my first bike. I love the 70’s style/reliability. Love the XSR700 but kind of want something a little more classic and economical. If you could please help me find something similar I’d really appreciate it. I live around the metro Detroit area and am...
  6. eight0

    Finally finished my XS2

    Well, I have finally finished my XS2.. (I say that but are we ever finished). I've fitted indicators and mirrors since taking these pictures as riding in London whilst holding your arms out isn't fun. the last picture what it looked like when I got it. .
  7. Ketchup Pusher

    The new life of a 72' XS II - Build thread

    late last year I sat on my couch, I was a tiny bit annoyed since someone else had just bought the xs 750 I thought I was supposed to buy as my winter project. So there I sat, annoyed at myself for not have been quicker out the door, quietly scrolling through different online marketplaces until I...
  8. xs650LA

    No power over 3000RPM - Engine trouble - XS2 1972 XS650

    Here are the symptoms: idles fine, but when riding it does not feel powered. It runs but when above 3000RPM it just does not progress fast or almost at all. It slugs and it's slow... like it has little power and progresses too slow up the torque... The details: The carbs were cleaned...
  9. B

    Wanted - 72 xs650 parts

    Looking for some stock take off parts pretty much all the stuff that ends up under the bench when your building a chopper I have a 1972 xs650 Im leaving this bike vintage patina so covers and seat dont need to be perfect Need Complete airbox All cables and lines brake throttle clutch...
  10. J

    72 XS2 back fires out the left carb

    HI all, Bought 1st xs650 trying to get it road ready. It start easily cold (no choke) and idles well 1100 rpms, until warm and then shuts off. When I continue to kick it, it back fires out the left carb and pops the carb out of the boot. This has now happened twice in a row. Since I got it...
  11. S

    Any BigBore/Rephase kits for 1972 306 engines?

    Is there nothing out there performance wise for my 1972 306??? Are 256 and 306 pretty interchangable? Why no Mikes bigbore for me damn it!!