1. X

    Rear Brake Bleed

    Okay I’m stumped here. Rear brakes working, pulled them off when I took the engine out. Had the fluid reservoir hanging upside down for some time. I’m assuming I introduced some air into the line as it would give me no pressure when I reassembled. So I tried… many times, to bleed the...
  2. T

    1974 TX650 Front Caliper Dragging/Locking Up

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am having a very peculiar issue with my 74 TX650. The completely rebuilt front brakes are locking up. To ensure my brakes would work well and I wouldn't have any issues, I bought a new master cylinder, a caliper rebuild kit, new pistons and new pads. I cleaned the...
  3. Muckroot

    Wanted - 34mm fork lowers or whole forks

    Hello, I am looking for a nice set of fork lowers for a chopper project. I already have stanchions and all the bits including the trees and caliper, however I am willing to pay the extra for a complete set of forks if the lowers are in really tip-top shape (with consideration to their age)...
  4. Muckroot

    Which pads for unknown calipers?

    I have a caliper assembly that fits the 34mm forks I'm running on my hardtail project. I cant figure out which pads to get from mikes though, because two of the options have key tabs on them. can anyone eyeball this caliper and let me know which of these two sets of pads is the correct set...
  5. Muckroot

    unknown Wheel identification

    Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I recently bought an 1975 XS650B and subsequently discovered that the forks that were installed on the bike were XS400 forks, and totally don't fit the bike (the stem is too short). Because of this I've gone ahead and bought 34MM forks from a fellow forum...
  6. Muckroot

    limping with stock forks - or worth the rebuild?

    Hello folks, I've got me heart set on a nice set of TCBros front springer forks. the construction looks super solid from their video, and they come with lots of support in terms of calipers, bar mounts, and all that rigamarole. the trouble is, with all this corona quarantine happening i am...
  7. Fang

    Wanted - Rear brake caliper/ components

    Does anyone have a rear disc brake caliper they aren't using? Also looking for the mount for it that goes to the axle as well as the rear master cylinder Thanks!
  8. Surfrat28

    Rear Brake not bleeding/Pressurizing

    Hey guys hope all is well! I have spent most of the day trying multiple things on my rear brake system on my 1980 XS650SG and have had no luck. I have recently purchased a new rear master cylinder from mikesxs and I am still having the same issue. There are no brake oil leaks and I can't get it...
  9. E

    Brakes won't fully pressurize

    To begin with I understand that there are a lot of threads concerning brakes, however i'm posting because i've been attempting to fix this issue for about a month with little to no progress and have reached despiration. Both the front (dual disc) and rear (disc) brakes on my 81 xs650 special II...
  10. eyewinder

    Caliper bleed screw/valve thread size

    Could anyone confirm the thread size and pitch for the bleeder screw on late model calipers? I'm fairly sure it's an M8 x 1.25mm, but don't have proper measuring tools on hand to verify. Thanks
  11. JaxShane650

    Brake Master Cylinder Issues and Suggestions

    Okay so I have a 1980 xs650 with a pretty much stock break setup with a single caliper/disc setup and a cheap $25 eBay 14mm master cylinder. I got the aftermarket m/c because the original 14mm Master cylinder was pretty much shot and beyond repair. Here's a picture of most of the current setup...
  12. B

    Looking for opnions rear drum or disk

    I currently have mags and eventually would like to go to spokes. So I have both setups for rear brakes drum and disk. Pros and cons please the bike is a bobbed 78 xs650 with a TC brothers weld on tail section.
  13. F

    Early Caliper Brake Adapter for SS Lines

    Hey guys, I know this has been covered but it still seems no one has posted a good link as to where to buy the early caliper brake adapter for SS lines. For the sake of redundancy, is this what I need? Thanks in advance!
  14. JNizza92

    Can not seem to bleed front brakes 1975 xs650

    little bit of background. Just rebuild the bike, new lines, no fluid in anything. This is the master cylinder I have: I have been trying to bleed these brakes for 2 days now, today I spent 2 hours trying to get them to bleed. (first using the...
  15. A

    Stock Dual Disk VS Brembo

    Hi, I have a 78SE with dual disks and calipers. They are dragging somewhat (not fully releasing) so I was going to do an overhaul with new seals etc. I also need new lines and a new master cylinder (mine works but looks like the nylon reservoir has seen better days). So I was wondering if I'm...
  16. A

    Any tips on re-fitting the dust seal on the caliper piston?

    When I pulled the brakes off my 81sh their condition gave me the impression they hadn't been serviced by any of the po's so I started giving the right side caliper a birthday flushing all the crusty fluid out and cleaning all the crud off the caliper itself. I removed the dust boot to get all...
  17. Robd

    Xs750 rear brake?

    Does anybody know if the xs750 rear caliper and bracket work with the xs650?
  18. D

    adding second brake caliper-?

    I bought a brake rotor for the left front side of my 81' H from e-bay recently. It was listed as a late seventies xs650 and it matched the overall dia. and the bolt pattern was the same. When I got it in the mail it had a thinner braking surface,but I thought i could live with it, but the left...
  19. KevC

    Fazer Blue Spot Caliper

    Hi All Im new to this site but Travis asked if I could post pictures & details of my brake conversion. The disc is available new from Mikes XS or one of the european outlets such as in Germany & bolts straight on, comes with an aluminium adaptor to offset the disc to the...