engine rebuild

  1. katrina2599

    1980 Special Engine Rebuild HELP

    Good morning! I'm a new member to the forum and have used this site quite a bit already to get where I'm at in the build. A little about me: I'm 23 and recently found my dad's 1980 sx650 special sitting around in my uncle's garage. He bought this bike when he was 23 but sold it 6 years later...
  2. Gadjo fandjo

    Rebuilding project

    Hi, XS Folks! I can't find anywhere what could be the torque for the cylinder studs. Easy to find for the bolts on the head. Also which end to put first at the bottom of the cylinder and in the gearbox? there is one thread smaller than the other on each of the 8 studs. I assume the longer will...
  3. Rhy650

    1980 Build for Dad

    Hello all, the purpose of this log is to chronicle the two projects that I outlined in this post regarding my late father. Once again, I would like to thank you all for the kind words, it means a lot to me to know that he was respected and will be missed by so many. He really was one of the...
  4. CanadianSteve

    Crankshaft wobble - freshly rebuilt engine

    Hey all, I recently rebuilt the top end of my (new to me) 78 XS650 SE. The following was done: New camchain New front and back tensioner New Wiseco Pistons and rings (second oversize) Machined out the jugs to fit New Boyer Bransden Ignition setup Cylinder head ported (intake/exhaust) Cleaned...
  5. Noidea

    Locking Nut and oil delivery bolt

    wellwell well after going through my head questioning whether or not I should go in the engine finally got around to it. I believe my piston rings are shot considering the numbers I get with dry and wet compression test. So my goal is to switch them out. Some questions I have are what else...
  6. robinc

    On the road again at 40.............the bike that is

    Today was the first time back on the road in 9 yrs. for my 77D. Not very excited!!!! Only had time for a few trips around the block, had to go to a meeting. Don't you hate when work gets in the way of play? A little history: I am the second registered owner since 1990 of this 77D...
  7. D

    Sealing up cases, coat the oil seals with sealant?

    What is the consensus on whether to coat or not coat the oil seals with __insert favorite case sealant__ prior to setting the cases together and torquing everything down? I'm at the stage with my XS1 engine that I'm ready to button it up, however, I'm torn with whether I should or should not...
  8. willis

    Looking for engine rebuilder in IN/MI/OH

    I'm in the process of cleaning up my 78' Special in preparation to bring it back to life, I have discovered quite a bit of plastic in the oil filter presumably from the front cam chain guide. I have not dropped the sump filter yet to see what is in there. Most everything looks to be in pretty...
  9. P

    Missing clip/part

    I am rebuilding my engine again and there is a part I forgot to put back in the engine and I am all the way up to having just riveted the timing chain. Yes that sounds bad but I'm thinking it may be not very important since I can't find a picture of it anywhere in the manuals or on-line. A...
  10. S

    what dose it cost to do a full engine rebuild 82 xs 650

    what dose it cost to do a full engine rebuild 82 xs 650 I live in Connecticut
  11. Y

    Camchain help

    Hello my fellow 650 lovers. I hope someone can help me with my situation. I am in the middle of an engine rebuild on my 1975 xs650b and everything was going great until I installed the camchain. I was going to re-use my old chain since the engine was rebuilt about 15 yrs ago, not by me and...
  12. Musick76

    I dropped a #%^*#%# retaining clip!

    I was installing pistons (without anything over the opening below, dammit!) when I dropped one of the retaining clips. It fell straight down past the crank. My question is can I remove the clip by removing the oil sump? I hope I don't have to open the cases again.:doh: Posted via Mobile
  13. h3llb3nt1

    Engine assembly woes

    Bike ran when I bought it. Tore top end of engine down just because it needed refreshing. Cleaned and polished and cleaned some more. New endless cam chain and seals only. Everything else was glass beaded and wire brushed. I can turn crank with cam in and top off. Did final assembly and torqued...
  14. btxs650

    100 psi and cloud of white smoke! Not good.

    Compression test revealed 100 psi on both cylinders. Motor ran but fogged the whole neighborhood with a cloud of white smoke for 5 minutes straight. Oil dripping out the 2 into 1 exhaust. Bad rings or valves or both? Either way, it looks like the top end has to come off which means I might as...
  15. G

    Wrist Pin Clearance

    I have an 81' that I have apart right now. Have some new pistons and wrist pins. The manual says the pins should be a snug fit in the small end of the rod. My pins, new and old measure 0.787" and the bore on the small end of the rod measures 0.790, so I have about 0.003" difference. Do I...
  16. S

    Transmission assembly question.

    I'm rebuilding my engine and have the bottom end opened up. Everything looks good so I'm ready to put it back together. Looking at the shifting forks and the transmission gears, how do I tell if I have them lined up correctly? Do I just slide the gears around until they fit into the forks...
  17. W

    750 big bore kit & cam

    Hi all, looking at some engine mods and any opinions will be appreciated - 79 650 Special - 33,000miles originally from the States now lives in Australia. Pod filters and reverse megaphone pipes already on and also performance oil filter/cooler kit from Mikes (Part #15-6504), sump filter...
  18. cruza

    big bore

    howzit those who have used a big bore kit, do you have to line bore the small ends or did your bearing and pin slide right in.im figuring a bore would mean case splitting and crankshaft split.:yikes: did you like results of 750,8** ,was it worth it :