1. A

    Top out springs for 35 mm forks (May also work on 34 mm forks?)

    As my 77 XS650 D forks had a bad tendency to top out under hard accelleration, I decided top out springs would be a worthwhile upgrade. So I got hold of a pair of used later modell springs. Unfortunately I managed to misplace or lose one of them. So I had to look for alternatives. And found CB...
  2. Lost Cause

    What is required to extend the front forks.

    I did a quick google search before posting and am here just to confirm. QUESTION 1 When it comes extending your front forks (assuming they do not go so far as to run out your cables) you need. -Extended fork tubes -Spacers to make up the gap for the springs, created by the longer fork tubes...
  3. gggGary

    The great o-ring, seal, gasket, nut, bolt, sizes used on the XS650 thread.

    BS34 carbs Throttle shaft seal Suzuki part # 13651-51010 SEAL I replaced the butterfly shaft seals with these Suzuki seals they fit perfectly. Cost a dollar less than the Yamaha seal ..... 5twins tip BS34 mix screws 1mm thick x 3mm I.D...
  4. jradvantage

    Front fork adjusters question.

    I have a 1978 and a 1980, both have the newer, adjustable front forks. The 1980 front forks are very stiff and noticeably harsh and the 1978 is on the soft side. Before looking any further into them, I am curious to see if tweaking the adjusters on top could make enough of a difference on one...
  5. GeorgeOC

    Wanted - 35mm Fork Tubes 'Standard' 2F0-23110-00-00

    Hello all, I am looking for a decent set of OEM 35mm inner fork tubes, for a Standard. Anyone have any they need to find a good home for? Thanks!
  6. D

    XS1 lower fork tube bushing availability?

    Is there any source for replacement XS-1 lower fork tube bushes and the metal 'snap ring' that goes just above it? I got a set of replacement tubes from Forks by Frank and the instructions say to remove the lower bushings from the old tubes and install them on the new tubes. I don't have the...
  7. GeorgeOC

    Wanted - WTB - 77'-79' Standard 35mm top triple clamp

    Hello to everyone. I am looking for a top clamp only, for a '77-'79 Standard. Ideally the clamp would be structurally sound, but doesn't need to be pretty. I would be refinish/painting etc anyways. I am retrofitting a '76 with 34mm forks to a set of 35mm forks to enable a Brembo swap for...
  8. Gcraay

    Is my lower half warped?

    One side of my forks do not like going in. The right, slides in with a little dish soap, the other, about have to beat it in. You ever have one be warped? No screws in at all. Also, are the trees different for the 34 and 35 mm forks? That would suck. I would think so, but maybe not.
  9. Sazbo

    Fork lowering

    Hi all, i can't seem to find a difinitive answer to this question, maybe there is none, well here goes, Is there a rule of thumb when lowering you fork. If my rear shocks are an inch shorter do I lower my fork an inch, or am I not thinking about this the right way.
  10. Angry Rabbit

    Picture with fork seal removed?

    Hi folks-I have got an 84 Special I am rebuilding. I am trying to get the fork seals removed and they appear to be welded to the lower fork tube. I have tried boiling them, soaking them in hexane and pried on them with a rounded screwdriver. (don't worry, I protected the top by putting a "pry...
  11. R

    Q. for the fork tube experts

    I ordered new fork tubes for my 74 tx650 from Mikes Xs. I have the old forks apart and found the inside diameter where the Dampener tube inserts is smaller on the Mikes tubes. The hole on the stock tubes appear to be 28mm while the hole on the Mikes tubes appear to be 26mm. Because of this I...
  12. X

    Fork Boots

    Anyone know of a good source for fork boots for xs 35mm forks. Heard there where problems with mikes. Last set I had got at a swap meet from a triumph guy they where awesome perfect fit good rubber et. I just want a pair that fit well and will last a few years.Thanks
  13. Capt_Zoom


    Its a stupid question for a lazy guy but Can anybody tell me what's under the headlight elephant ears that surround the upper fork? Can't decide if I want to just cut off the bracket or take the whole tube off? On most bikes does the fork tube look good underneith it? thanks.
  14. A

    36mm fork? Help ID this part

    I bought an NOS inner fork tube on eBay. The seller described it as an inner fork tube for XS2(72) and TX(73) and had the correct Yamaha part number (although it was written on a piece of tape stuck to the tube). Since he had the p/n I assumed it was right. When I got it, it's 36mm! It looks...