1. Crashedkiwi

    Horn issues

    Hello all; On my standard unmolested 1975xs650B I'm having horn issues; that is it does not work. It did, and stopped. I've checked the horn itself; its fine when powered directly. I've check the wiring from the horn up to the nightmare of spaghetti inside the headlight and the wires are good...
  2. Muckroot

    Custom wiring diagram review needed

    Hello all, I've sketched up a wiring diagram for my 1975 XS650B, which is a hardtail chopper project. it has the stock alternator, as well as: a TCBro's reg/reg: http://www.tcbroschoppers.com/regulator-rectifier-yamaha-xs650-points-ignition-models.html. a TCBro's headlight...
  3. H

    Aftermarket Left-hand Switches Wiring HELP PLEASE

    This is my very first motorcycle project. I bought this aftermarket device for my turn signals, headlight, and horn control. It only has 8 wires while the original setup on my 1982 XS400s has 10 wires. However, they serve the same function (except the original blinker switch comes back to the...
  4. NorazDad

    I want to reinstall my horn

    In my hot desire to remove all of the unnecessary wiring I cut the horn connectors and now I want them back. I've got pink wires coming from the brown main connected to the pink conglomeration in the jug and coming from the turn signal(which works) and horn switch. I just don't know how to make...
  5. Jim

    Horn Recommendations

    With a little luck, it will be warm enough by the end of the month or early next month to get the paint done on the SG and finally start riding. So... I need a horn. One that's unobtrusive... and loud. Suggestions?
  6. Mackels

    Horn Assembly (on the inside)?

    The horn assembly? Normally I take pictures when I take stuff apart for this reason. However, with the adjustment screw removed first then removing the screws to the cover caused the contents to come out a bit more haphazardly than I anticipated. I have looked and looked but can't seem to find...
  7. NorazDad

    My PMA, my battery and my horn

    Happy Father's Day, Dudes. I have an 81 H that I have stripped down and rebuilt to the best of my ability. Did all the road worthy stuff like tires, suspension, brakes, cables, oil seals...including valve stem, chain, sprockets, etc. rode it for a thousand miles last year. Over the winter...
  8. Hosk Engineering

    XS650 Handlebar Switch Left Lights Horn Turn

    Here are pictures of the disassembly and reassembly of the 1980 XS650 G Left Handlebar Switch that contains the Lights, Horn and Turn Signal Switches/Button.