1. WPGxs650_brat

    Rear Brake Master Cylinder mounts

    Question, For for my build, my frame (78' XS650) started off with disk rear for brakes. I now have a switched to drum (I have a drum swing arm.) I am now left with the ugly rear master cylinder mounts (see picture.) So my question to the guru's is; Are the Rear Brake Master Cylinder mounts...
  2. ogh11756

    xs650 powered snow blower

    OK, So we got 10" of snow last night in nw pa so i was snow blowing this morning and thinking at the same time, dangerous for a couple reasons. Has anyone thought about, or actually modified a two stage snow blower with a xs650 engine? :eek: You would have to eliminate the air filter and...
  3. Sonnylynnvick75

    81 rejetting help

    Im new to this whole deal, just picked up an 81 xs650 special 2 about a month ago. I'm trying to build it into a cafe racer, I've already ordered the pod airfilters and im building my exhaust right now(just a set of straight pipes with some small baffles in it. anyways i have no idea where to...
  4. weekendrider

    Bending the metal clutch cable guide. Or telling on myself.

    Having swapped to lower bars I wanted to get rid of the excess clutch cable (after 2yrs). So I dug an old standard cable out and decided to follow 5twins tip of taking some of the bend out. Cut some beer cans to put in between the vise jaws so as not to mar my crusty rusty metal piece. Like...
  5. XS650RR

    Let's See The XS's

    Ok boys show the goods .... You have all seen mine, but I'll start off the thread .....:thumbsup: