project bike

  1. NerdyNerd

    82 XS650 Cafe Racer Build

    Hey all! I figured I'd start a thread on my Café Build since I've been posting questions constantly on here. If anyone wants to see the build journey here it is. I am trying to find a picture of the bike when I got it years ago. It's a 1982 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special. I bought it from my...
  2. X

    For Sale - 1973 XS650

    Have a project that I just never had enough time or ambition to follow through with. I beli be it has around 22,000 miles. New Mikuni VM34 carbs on it. Has a pamco ignition with electronic advance on it. New rings and gaskets on the top end on it. Just never had everything fall together and got...
  3. L

    1970 xs650 rebuild or restoration

    Hi all, I am considering embarking on a journey to rebuild or restore an xs650 and want to have some advice on how much I should expect to pay for parts to have it restored. I have one in my garage that I have the opportunity to purchase. I intend to do the majority of the work myself. Before I...
  4. Signal

    Two new XS Outfits Underway

    A short post to tell you about the new grand plan. The big news is that there are plans for 2 new XS based sidecars both with 13-inch wheels, one an 880cc the other a 750. We have started cleaning and repairing the callipers, cleaning the wheels etc. The 880 will be for my mate the 750 for his...
  5. Jadga

    For Sale - XS650 project

    I have 2 XS 650 project bikes. They are mostly complete, one is missing some of the wiring harness. Lots of extra parts for XS560 Bobbers. If anyone wants one drop me a line in my email. I will try to add some pictures in a week or so.
  6. Jadga

    For Sale - SX650 Heritage Special for sale

    I have a complete bike for a build. Only has about 1800 miles. I will add some pictures in a few days. I am in Cumming Georgia. I do not have time to build this one. Some of the wiring harnesses is stripped for a bobber build. No tank. (unless I finish fixing the dents in it) $1,200.00 is...
  7. WPGxs650_brat

    Rear Brake Master Cylinder mounts

    Question, For for my build, my frame (78' XS650) started off with disk rear for brakes. I now have a switched to drum (I have a drum swing arm.) I am now left with the ugly rear master cylinder mounts (see picture.) So my question to the guru's is; Are the Rear Brake Master Cylinder mounts...
  8. WPGxs650_brat

    Winnipeg Intro

    Hello! New to the group. Live in Winnipeg. Owner of a 1979 x400F and 1978 xs650 Special. My plan is to chop and chip away at the 650 this winter. That said I have a question (one of many to come I'm sure) The Bike (650) currently has mag wheels (both front and rear, both disk.) I'm looking...
  9. abyssmaltailgate

    Wanted - Frame w/ or w/o Title

    I'm looking for an unmodified, uncut XS650 swing arm frame for a resto/mod. I am happy to buy a frame with or without a title. The more original, the better. I've got a motor I plan on dropping in it with '79-'80 XS-SG crankcases so a contemporary frame/fit is preferred, but I do not believe...