Two new XS Outfits Underway


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A short post to tell you about the new grand plan.

The big news is that there are plans for 2 new XS based sidecars both with 13-inch wheels, one an 880cc the other a 750. We have started cleaning and repairing the callipers, cleaning the wheels etc.

The 880 will be for my mate the 750 for his son.

The plan is to build both the same and use the molds for the body work that we have from the 700. The swing arm and pivot are will be simplified as will the hubs that will hopefully be made from parts and welded rather than machined from solid which will be a lot faster.

As we are not building the motors more or less from scratch this time hopefully, they won’t take so long to build.

I have already a set of XS cases that have been strengthened and shot blasted, and a euro crank that you need for the 880 conversion. The 533 rods and clutch basket have also been shot blasted. A few peripheral parts have been made for the motor as well. We also have the XS 750 parts to upgrade the gearbox. Pretty much have everything except an ignition and a cam.

As the 880 motor is built, I will detail the things we have learnt to do to ensure the bikes are reliable ( I know the best thing to do would be to stay at 750cc and 70 RWHP but where is the fun in that?).

Here are some photos as usual not much to show for a lot of work.

Euro crank ready to go in the vapour blaster
Box of Cleaned up parts ready to go
XS Brake parts cleaned ready for rebuilding, length of ali stock for new pistons.
Reinforced bottom case, shot blasted but needs to be cleaned still. Have seen 2 motors crack in this area.
Top engine case with internal reinforcing, Yes the dip stick does still fit.
Front and rear wheels cleaned up, the side wheel will be 10 inch
Top cases bored to take new very large liners