push rod

  1. GLJ

    Magura Clutch Lever and Aluminum pushrod

    A while back on another post I mentioned that I was going to use a Magura clutch lever assembly on my XS2. I also mentioned that the Magura had more cable travel. I knew it would increase cable movement, but had not really checked to see how much. Since the Magura I had is going back on my X75 I...
  2. 79josh81

    Clutch push rods - 2 short vs 1 long

    So assuming that this video... ...explains similarly how an xs650 clutch works, what was the purpose of Yamaha having 2 shorter push rods vs the earlier models having 1 long push rod? Also, if I wanted to swap a long push rod into my 79’ xs650, how do I remove the shorter inner stock push...
  3. P

    I'm being beat by a Clutch!! Tried everything!

    So I have a 77' xs650D, mostly stock. It's my first bike, but I'm teaching myself everything I can. This forum is awesome, and I love my bike! Problem: I was lubing my clutch cable, and doing some basic stuff, and while I was doing so, while trying to wipe the exposed end of the...
  4. R

    Instructions/Links needed for push rod conversion and seal

    Hi, Me again...the newb that doesn't work on motors or cars, but is trying to learn...now I'm in it (I think). 1981 XS650SH. So, I'm leaking oil...not a lot, but obviously as I ride longer the more oil that leaks. Oil is dripping from the bottom frame and the bolts under the engine. I took...
  5. I am Carbon

    Clutch pushrod oil seal (video)

    I had to do a small mod to make the job easier
  6. I

    XS650 clutch

    note...this is part 1 of a 5 part summary that i put together in order to understand a little about XS650 clutches...i have used photos in this series that i found on the net as well as my own - if anyone recognises theirs let me know and i will post credit for it - all accept my thanx for the...