switch repair

  1. Mike G

    Generic front brake switch repair - not XS650

    The original 16mm master cylinder on the TX-A was toast and I wanted a smaller ½” one anyway for lower brake lever effort so I did some searching and found one from a Honda Shadow on eBay. It arrived covered in black Plasti-dip and the brake switch didn’t work (same as the switch on Dad’s Bike)...
  2. Jim

    Hi-Lo Switch Repair

    Busted rockers... we've all had 'em. After all, it's 40-50 yr old plastic we're dealin' with here. Here's one way to fix 'em if you don't have access to a 3D printer. So first off... cover your tank. Don't want a screwdriver slippin' and scratching the paint... do we. 2 screws on the bottom...