For Sale - 1979 XS650 Special - Decatur, IL


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Decatur, IL
$1,500 OBO
Located in Decatur, IL.
Don't want to ship, but I can work with you if needed.

The Bike:
-1979 Yamaha XS650 Special
-12,717 miles

The Good:
-MAC headers w/ shorty style mufflers
-Drag handlebars
-New handlebar controls
-New pod air filters
-Brass swingarm bushings
-Completely unmolested frame
-Charging system works. Headlight brightens when you kick it over.
-Homemade café-style seat pan mounted on stock hinges and latch.

Also included, not on bike:
-Aftermarket Mikuni carbs (currently seized, see pic)
-Clymer manual (use with caution)
-Stock exhaust, fenders, handlebars, taillight, side pods, etc…
-An assortment of other miscellaneous parts (see pic)

The Bad:
-The battery is dead and will not take a charge, so the bike does not run. With a new battery, it would fire right up.

-There is a shallow dime sized dent in the top of the tank. A walnut fell on it. I watched it happen. It sucked.

-I do NOT have the stock seat. I destroyed it trying to make it look cool. Sorry. The seat pan I made fits nicely, but is not upholstered.

-The taillight and rear turn signals need to be mounted correctly. You could either put the stock rear fender back on and mount them to that, or fab something up. They do work, though, and the wires have not been cut.

The Story:
I used to tear through campus and set off car alarms with this bike in college. I had plans to street track it, café it, chop it, or brat it, but I never did. Instead it sat in my shed for the past 7 years. Then, last Fall, my buddy bought a sweet ’79 Trans Am and proceeded to show it off in front of me. I needed something fast and loud in my life again. I pulled the motorcycle out from behind the lawn mower and started tearing it down. I stripped it down to a rolling frame, cleaned every nook and cranny, painted the engine with hi-temp paint, shined up what I could, put it back together, built a new seat pan, installed a new battery and spark plugs, kicked it over and it fired right up. I never took it out of the driveway. Then winter came and it disappeared into the shed again. Now the battery is dead, I’m planning on moving, and I don't have the desire to finish it. You could honestly have it on the road again in an hour. I would like to sell it to someone who knows what it is, so this is the only place I'm listing it for now.

Thanks for looking!


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Decatur, IL
NEW PRICE: $1,500


I bought and installed a new battery. It needs a little tuning, but it runs.

Other things I forgot to mention in the original post:

- I rebuilt the stock carbs with kits from Mikes XS when I cleaned it up last year.

- I have a cover that will go with it.

- I have a sheet of perforated steel that I was planning to fab up some custom side pods or a battery box with. That is included as well.

Again, thanks for looking!