BS 38 Carb Diaphragm Replacements

Hey Guys!
I need instructions on how to change the diaphragm on my mikuni bs38. Ive been searching the internet but i cant find anything on the bs38.
Or you could do as I did and take the easy way out like I did. Been running a set in my XS2, so far so good.
But be aware, those slides are only for the '77 and older BS38's. '78-'79 slides are different.
I just ordered 6 JBM M-73's for my '80 SG and for the BS34's for my '82 750 GPz Kawasaki. Got the slides al ready for them.
Yeah ive been on that link but i dont understand if i need any new retaining washers on the new diaphragm? I dont feel comfortable just using super glue...
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