Clear alternator covers, Ready to go!


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Hey all,

The much talked about clear covers for your any year 650 with a PMA swap are ready to go.

These guys come with brand new stainless hardware, are precision cut and ready to bolt on.

Here is some info about Margard, from

• Excellent optical clarity
• Extremely High Impact resistance – 250 times the impact resistance of glass.
• High abrasion resistance – ideal for applications where frequent contact is likely.
• High weather performance – The surface coating enhances protection against performance losses and yellowing caused by exposure to UV radiation and sunlight.
• Chemical resistance – Lexan Margard has a high resistance to many chemicals such as cleaning fluids, paints and adhesives.
• Anti Vandal Glazing – An ideal solution in areas where there may be a risk of vandalism. The unique coating resists graffiti, enabling easy restoration to a ‘good as new’ condition. It minimizes the risk of costly re-glazing and allows frequent cleaning or removal of graffiti without causing damage.

I made a quick video to show the strength of the cover. As you will see, and I did not think this would happen, the aluminum mounts were no match for the lexan window.

Unfortunately, due to the quick carnage, I was only able to have one go at the video untill I ruined the aluminum cover. But that being said, the lexan window still looks like new. I took a few after shots to show it did come clean, as it was a bit dirty from the rubber mallet in the video.

These are $30, plus $5 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the states or canada. Thats about as cheap as I can go as the material cost is quite high considering they are made from the highest quality polycarbonate available.

To order, Simply send $35 to my paypal, ,and dont forget to write your shipping address in the notes. Upon receiving payment, the cover will be out within a day!





Done and done. Thanks for the support guys. So you know, the money is going directly into gettin me build on the road, and funding welding school!

that is going to look so cool with some LED's in there :thumbsup:

Hope you've still got some left when I'm ready to order :shrug:
Im making 20 more this week. So no worries peanut!

And thats my thoughts exactly. I might piece together a little LED kit to pop in there, we will see.

Also, stay tuned for some more stuff coming from me ("brat" seats, and maybe some tail lights)
a finishing ring of some sort. Here is a quick paint shop. Any LED hardware could go under fatter bits of the bezel like I have done at the top and bottom.

Just so you all know, all orders have been shipped out, I have two left (one pending payment) but 20 more will be available very shortly!

thank you all.

And occam, I'm working on an aluminum trim ring that will be about 1/2 inch wide, going round the whole thing, and tapped into the cover. It will use matching stainless hardware. Stay tuned.
Hey Tron. I will send Paypal first thing in the morning. I am at work but my wife said my replacement debit card (stolen) arrived in the mail today.
Right on, and with that, the first batch is sold!

I can continue to take orders, but note, it will be a few days until they are ready to ship.

Cheers everyone.