Wanted - Looking for vintage flat track style fork brace for 34mm front end

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Anyone have a brace of this style laying around, interested in parting with? Used by dirt track racers running no front fender.

Also interested in the Superbrace “hoop style”. The one Mike’s offers is for larger later style forks.

Intended setup is early front end with 34mm tubes/sliders.

My measurements show it needs to be the following for early front end with disk brake.

Slip fit - 5-1/8 to 5-3/16”
130.18 - 131.76mm

Height from mtg holes - 4-3/4 to 5”
120.65 - 127mm

Mtg holes ctr-to-ctr: 60mm (2-3/8”)

Width - 4”@bottom , 4.25” @ wider section
101.60mm , 107.95mm
for tire width I am running


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I don`t know anything about 34mm forks but they can`t be much different because the wheels interchange? Anyway the type of fork brace your looking for will depend a lot on the tire size. The first pic is used with a 27-7-19 Vee Rubber modern flat track tire. The brace is taller and has flat sides. The second pics are that type of brace used with a 350-19 Dunlop K70 vintage tire. The difference is the concave sides to clear the narrower fork tubes. I have used one of these types on all my builds and have always had to fill and redrill the mounting holes. I have CalCycle, webco, and Circle Industries and they all had to be drilled to fit. eBait AHRMA Vintage Fork Brace is a good place to start looking. Their out there. There is a company that still makes them but I can`t remember who it is.:umm:
Thanks Half Mile I’ll search under those terms. I am not opposed to filling current holes and re-drilling.

I am running a modern Shenko road/dirt tire. Need to confirm size.