Race Tech kit and adjustable fork caps


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If you bought a Race Tech spring kit and are struggling with the stock adjustable fork caps, like I was, here is what you do (per directions from the helpful folks at Race Tech).

Load up the gold valves (if you are using them), the springs, washers and spacers (mine were 70mm long) into a fully extended fork leg. Hold the fork cap to the top washer and measure the distance from the top of the fork to the bottom of the sealing surface of the cap. For me that was 50mm, may be different for you, especially if you are not using the Gold Valves.

For the recommended 15mm of pre-load, the 70mm spacer needs to be cut down to 70 – 50 + 15 = 35 mm


Here is cap now resting on top of the top washer on the shorter spacer. When screwed in, it will give 15mm of starting pre-load. No need to fight the spring anymore!


All of this is clear if one reads instructions from Race Tech, but it is always easier if shown with exact parts.

Per the Race Tech support, it is a common mistake to put on too much comression on the springs with these adjustable caps.

The rest of my settings: 0.9kg/mm springs, 15W fork oil, oil level 125mm from top, gold valves 2.5 turns with blue springs. Works great.