YamTechs '81 Honda Silverwing 500 Project


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There isn't too much to say about it as of right now. It was a 2 owner, never dropped, well maintained motorcycle that I was asked about on Facebook messenger. They wanted $250 for the bike with a clean title. Runs, rides, hell even all the bulbs and switches work. There's a few minor issues that need addressed, but it even came with fresh rear brake shoes, a new tachometer, and a new tach cable. I think itll clean up nice and make for a good putter/loaner bike when I have friends in town.

Here's a video of a first start up on it!

Next step is a carb clean, and tank cleaning. Fresh fuel, inline filter, and an oil change!


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Nice!! Those things are pretty much indestructible.
That seems to be the case. It has 32k on it according to the title. I have a harder time finding info on it than I do for an XS, but im guessing its because the silverwing wasnt as popular. I will be tearing into it as soon as I can. It has me excited.
I reached a new milestone today as a motorcycle owner. I got the opportunity to ride with a close friend, because I had a bike from my stables for him to ride. The Honda SilverWing 500! We didn't get a chance to ride for long but it was his first ever motorcycle ride. It's not everyday you get to gift someone with the joy of riding for the very first time! I'm loving each and every little detail about both of the bikes pictured.

I was able to safely put the Honda on the road by using the front brake master cylinder assembly I had on my XS650.

It has been stowed away for far too long and I felt SO GUILTY pulling parts off of a bike that's supposed to be getting BUILT. I couldn't live with the idea of stepping backwards on it so the only way I was allowing myself to keep the reservoir and M/C assy. on the Honda was by ordering parts for poor Yammy.

That being said I have both handlebar switches coming to me from Mikes XS. They're replicas of the originals so I hope they're not one of the "misses" that they sell... Time will tell but at least this way I'll finally be able to set up my throttle properly and get a good shakedown on the Yamaha for the first time in SIX YEARS... A new brake assy. Will also be going back on the Yamaha because I'll be buying the exact same assy. I put on the Honda last night.

Small steps, but when I saw the joy of someone riding for the very first time it inspired me to come back to my seven year build and throw some of my time and energy at it. Life's hard. Priorities are harder, but the Yamaha is still mine... And it WILL get finished. I'm back in the game, for a little while at least!


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