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The fall from Grace cafe

Discussion in 'East U.S.' started by Cafe Murdock, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. So last summer I decided I was finnaly have a custom to me hand crafted one of a kind bike I lucked n to a 79 xs 650 n I fell n luv I've always been n to Cafe's so logic dictated that path still working out a kink or two but I got it out to tune it back up after sitting all winter n I got fule and fire but no boom it's almost like I've got less compression then I use to have help plz cafe down cafe n destress
  2. Brassneck

    Brassneck XS650 Guru

    Welcome to the forum...I have a '79 as well. :)

    You probably need to tell us a bit more about your bike situation...otherwise we're guessing blindly.

    I assume it ran last summer? Any issues before you put it away? Did you drain the gas? Since it's custom, does that mean kick-start only? Running a capacitor or is the electrical/charging system stock? With a '79, it would have come with BS38 carbs...are those still there or have they been swapped out for something else? Basically, what does a hand-crafted, one of a kind bike mean with regard to running parts, etc?

    Does it sound like it's trying to start?
    You say you have fuel...A '79 would have vacuum petcocks...have you checked fuel flow from the tank? Do that float bowls fill up, and you've checked that the carbs/jets are clear--are they fouling the plugs after a few attempts at starting? Choke on/off any difference?
    You say you have fire...you're referring to spark, correct? Or do you literally mean fire out the exhaust?
    If compression is an issue...have you done a compression test?
    Have you gone through a full tune-up?
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  3. gggGary

    gggGary Stop that! XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    picture of the bike? Kick or electric start. If it's kick only, a slipping clutch will feel like a low compression motor. The kick starter works through the clutch.
  4. I pulled n to my garage after a ride n it started to sputter I shut it off n it wouldn't start back up kick start only I'm running dual vacume petcock 34mm B's carbs motor and electrical is all stock as of yet I focused last summer on Fab and shit like that figured stock 650 b enough for now but go-ahead n do my Fab n lighting it up get it tuned niand everything n ited look cool n b fast enough to b fun . I drained tank last year put new fule n the other day n it feels like I've lost compression wen I kick it over I got juice to both sides of fuses n fuse box cluster n everything lights up n cums on like it should n everything I'm getting fule through carbs n into cylinders plugs get wet and plugs ark off engine fins wen I test for fire nice blue long spark I'm a pretty good Grease monkey worked n garage my whole life n certified machinest n welder but never really worked on a lot of bikes had a few but newer ones I figured hell points carbs I can make this mother run it's same set up as my race car for good sake but nite n day difference lol
  5. Ok how do I solve the problum with me cluth cuz before it was all I could do to kick my bike over but one good kick no matter hot or cold or wat ever bang it would start I mean bad ass compression it really surprised me
  6. I just found out sumthins not rite where I been tinkering getting ready for spring but so far my harness is hot got fuel n fire all motor n electrical bone stock by all accounts it should run but won't hit a lick it's like I've lost compression but I ain't checked compression yet was my next step but a guy on here said my clutch could b slipping causeing low comp. Feel ?
  7. Brassneck

    Brassneck XS650 Guru

    Hmmm...well, if you have fuel, and you have spark...compression is where I'd look.

    Have you checked for air leaks? If you're running vacuum petcocks, those vacuum lines could be cracked and might be a source of air leaks-- back when I had vacuum petcocks, I remember one weekend and I couldn't get the bike to turn over...turns out the vacuum lines were cracked.
  8. Sum one told me on here that my clutch could b stuck I'm new to the xs got my first on year ago n been n luv since
  9. Brassneck

    Brassneck XS650 Guru

    XS's are great bikes...and very easy to work on. Not much to them really. Good luck.

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