1. Diff3RentBreed

    Proper front turn signal wiring

    '77 XS650 Bought the bike with some issues and this is the last of it. Bought new front turn signals from Mikesxs.net and having trouble wiring them up. I can get them to have power but I can't get them to flash. The rear lights will flash so it is not the relay. If anyone can post of...
  2. P

    Auto Advance Retainer Nut - early vs late model cam

    I can't find anything about this. Two times already dealing with an early model bike 70-71 the new Auto Advance Retainer Nut from Mikes (70-84) doesn't screw on easy. It's like it has a different thread size. The last one I just used the old nut. I don't have an old one for my current build and...
  3. member3480


    I am almost caught up with my back log on harnesses but I wanted to share this one with you guys because EVERYONE is afraid of WIRES HAHA Even if you have someone like me do one for you its good that you understand how it works. NOW if you are going to keep all the relays and keep the bike...
  4. I am Carbon

    Smart Fuses

    Have you seen the smart fuses? Well they are cool When they blow, they light up How cool is that they have them mini and big blade fuses They cost a bit more but what the heck I think they are worth it for instant trouble shooting. Just thought I would spred the word...
  5. L

    Bike won't start after stalling it. Ideas and theories needed!

    I'll be as brief and informative as I can about this because I'm still frustrated as hell. lol This is my first real motorcycle and after three months of restoration I've finally got it started and running. A few days ago I attempted to ride it, or at least fiddle with it in the neighborhood...
  6. uebe

    Lighting troublshooting advice requested

    I'm very close to wrapping up an '80G I picked up. PO had removed some parts including the wire harness prior to selling it to me. Put harness back on bike, some parts missing, so I don't have the light checker and bypassed reserve lighting unit - L/Y to L/B Everything electrical now...
  7. Bjorn

    Charging gremlins

    Hi! Rebuild my bike 4 years ago, always ran great until now. It's not charging and I could really use some help. Running the bike >2000 RPM results in 12,0 V. I have red multiple topics on this forum trying to solve it, but no luck so far. Below a summary of the things I have tried/tested...
  8. J

    Charging problems.

    Hey everybody. So I have been having problems trying to figure out why by bike isn't charging. I made this video ( see link below.) so that I wouldn't have to try and explain everything. Any questions just ask. It's not the best video but it helps explains what's going on. Just copy and paste...
  9. M

    NEW B TO THE FORUMS, new battery, no power, ooops

    Rolled the XS out of a 7 yr storage, needed a new battery, sent the wife to get one, in the meantime I had the battery out and hooked up the car battery charger up to the leads to see if everything worked, and cranked it up pretty high, the lights and such worked so i bumped the starter, but no...
  10. FLEA

    sendek/sendec tacho

    has anyone using these? looks intresting any feed back would be great
  11. A

    Fun Electrical Issues (Headlight stopped working and turn signals stopped flashing)

    On my way home this evening, my left turn signal stopped flashing, but the right one was working fine. Then the right one stops. As I get home I see my headlight start to dim. I turn the bike off, check to make sure nothing came unplugged behind the headlight, start it back up and the headlight...
  12. W

    Well, I'll be darned. PMA stuff.

    My son got the pma and regulator from Hugh. We wired it up (correctly). I pretty much solder, crimp, and shrink wrap everything. We put on 2 tiny batteries the size of a cigarette pack. They are 0.8 amps each, for a total of 1.6 amps. The bike would start, but run like absolute crap, even at...
  13. F

    Charging issue

    I have an XS650 with pamco and E-advancer also the GPZ500 carbs running great, I ungrounded the brushes to install a reg-rec (7 wires) from a XJ650 the issue is that at idle and low RMP the voltage from the reg isn't stable it jumps sometimes to 16 -17 volts for a short period of time and in mid...
  14. Socopunk

    Turn Signal Issue - Bullet style

    Back working on the bike again. Had a question. I removed the floppy rear turn signals and replaced with smaller bullet style signals. The rears look and work great. The problem is on the front signals. I pulled the signals from the headlight, but the new signals don't have a threaded...
  15. cmyoch

    Wiring a mini voltage meter

    I purchased a 3 wire mini voltmeter on eBay. I hooked red to hot, black to ground, and left the white alone. The gauge lights up but doesn't read anything. Am I missing something? I'm not an electrical wizard so I'm sure it's something simple?
  16. weekendrider

    Those sloppy floppy turn signals

    You know the ones. . . they have been dropped, bumped and abused to the point the pin holding them is bent or broken. Leaving them at best to rattle on the stalk while riding or at worse turn on the stem till they are pointing at the ground. Perfect candidates for shorting by cutting the stalk...
  17. queenslegs

    Headlight bolts

    Does anyone know off hand what bolt size these are? M5 doesn't seem to thread in and I don't want to make a mess of it. Perhaps I have the wrong pitch? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  18. S

    Rookie builder questions. Please Help!

    Hey Fellas, I'm a pretty rookie builder and I'm starting my tear down on my 79' XS650 now and wanted to make sure I had some good information before I start getting new parts. I want to make a bare bones electrical system for it. I want to just run a headlight and a tailight; I want to get rid...
  19. J

    First timer needing help

    Hey guys! working on my first build and first motorcycle. I have some newbie questions for ya that im not sure about might be stupid but im learning thanks! first when i put my clutch cable in i noticed it was tough to pull and the spring wasnt moving then i finally got it to move but it...