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  1. 6

    Dirt bike front end?

    I’ve come across posts that mention it. Even seen some examples. But how feasible would it be? What modifications would need to be done for this kind of swap? Any two cents would be much appreciated.
  2. Walters_Gallery

    Can anyone help me identify this front end setup

    I've been trying research a front end (preferably HD for the variety of wheels and brakes) to retrofit onto my 79 triple. The attachment below is from a guy out of Indonesia that has a 79 triple as well and his build is exactly what I had in my head. I was just to hurr durr to spit it out on...
  3. Muckroot

    limping with stock forks - or worth the rebuild?

    Hello folks, I've got me heart set on a nice set of TCBros front springer forks. the construction looks super solid from their video, and they come with lots of support in terms of calipers, bar mounts, and all that rigamarole. the trouble is, with all this corona quarantine happening i am...
  4. Surfrat28

    Springer front end

    Hey everyone! I'm thinking about changing my front end to a springer set up with a 21" spoked wheel with the mini break drum. Is there any suggestions on how to get the springer front end to fit the stock neck of a 1979/80 xs650SG model. Any suggestions would really help! Below is the front end...

    Best Harley or GSXR front end for 1975 xs650 with 18 x 3.5 rim?

    Hi, just got my first xs650 1975. Looking for the least work to swap out my front end, planning on putting 18 x 3.5 in the front but getting stuck searching through threads for who has done this. Who has swapped the front end to a Harley or GSXR and had to do minimal work? Looking for a...
  6. Motorbreath22

    F4i Front End Swap / need R6, Vstrom and Bandit 1200 measurements

    I'm working on swapping out forks to CBR F4i 43mm forks. F4i forks are readily available, they are lighter, stiffer and are cartridge forks instead of dampening rods. I have been working on cross referencing stuff for a while now. And would like to make another post with all the info I've...
  7. 82xsHeritage

    Wondering about front end replacement and possible upgrade

    So, I made the mistake of letting my friend rip my bike in a parking lot and he ended up in the bushes after about 10 seconds of glory. I've uploaded some photos of the damage, but as far as I can tell the lower front forks are toast, gas tank is obviously dented, and front fender is bent. I...
  8. Trentgrasso666

    Cb750 springer into xs650

    I found a longer springer that is set up for a CB750 and wanted to swap it with my stock front end. My frame is raked and I think the steering stem is long enough, just wondering if anyone knew what I'm looking at bearing/race size wise to get everything to fit right! Thanks!
  9. member3480

    Installation tips

    I get asked this question a bunch and there are KITS and MANY threads on installing HARLEY fronts and SPRINGER fronts on XS650 also so many others that can fit. BEARINGS and RACES are the key to make it easy for a clean install. Harley Sportster or Springers install the same This is how I do it...
  10. R

    Help me identify this springer front end.

    please delete
  11. sonicarb13

    6061 T6 Aluminum Girder Build

    Started designing and building this girder a while back and I'm closing in on completion so I thought I would share some pictures of it. Thank god I use geometry at work on a regular basis or I would have been lost! Also I was concerned about my stainless hardware causing problems in the...
  12. I

    Springer questions...

    Ok Fellas I picked up an old narrow springer on a trade on craigslist, my research tells me it was made by a company called s.i.e. that existed back in the day in Oak Lawn here in IL. I plan on cutting it down to stock size to use on my 71 hard tail xs. The legs are square tube so chopping...
  13. InfamousXS

    Front End Overhaul Help

    Hello All, Been using the guides on the forum for a few weeks now and decided to join the forum and get some more help on the build. The bike is a 1978 XS Special Edition I picked up a few months ago. The bike ran and I took it for a drive a few times but decided I want to take care of the...
  14. BigJimmyW13

    Build Your Own Springer Forks

    Might be of interest to some people here. John Brain's How to on building springer forks. How-to I know he's building them for bicycles, but really there wouldn't be that much of a change for motorcycles.
  15. Rev D

    XS front end swap

    I am the proud new owner of a 79 xs650 and I'm looking to dig into this one pretty quick. I've been taking stock of what I need and have been poking around a bit to see what some front end options are. Reason being that I need a new MC and caliper, and I think the front seals are toast too...