1. H

    Lubricant to use on Speedo and tach cables

    What lubricants / oil do you all suggest for new stock speedo and tach cables?? Thanks in advance
  2. NerdyNerd

    Tach and Carbs

    Two questions! First off what does it mean if when I give the bike gas it revs but takes a while to rev down. I heard that it could be a lean mixture Second, I'm working on installing a digital speedometer/tachometer. I have most of it working at this point but it states that you need to connect...
  3. D

    Wanted - OEM 1981 XS650 speedometer

    In need of a OEM speedometer for my 81’. The small bolts came loose, opened it up to fix that problem, get it all back together and now the needle won’t work. They make it really hard to do anything to the Speedo. So I’m looking for one I can just drop into the housing, if anyone’s got one...
  4. BAYSA

    Speedo drive only spinning when front wheel is rotated backwards

    Okay bike didn't come with a Speedo or tacho when I bought it, so IpI up an analogue speedo which I've tested and works fine, bought a brand new speedo wire aswell. Did the test of putting a matchstick in the front wheel, lifted the front and span it forward ... Nothing. Out of curiosity I span...
  5. L

    Dumb Speedo Question

    Hi, I’m new to XS650’s and motorcycles in general. The bike I bought came with a speedometer and cable, but I can’t figure out where on the bike the cable goes. If anyone could post a picture of it, I’d appreciate it
  6. Shelly

    Batteryless bike with gps/electronic speedometer?

    Hello all, I have lurked behind the scenes for quite sometime reading and following along to different threads. I must add this is a very informative site with many knowledgeable people adding input where they can! The first newbie question I'd like to ask is: Is anyone running a...
  7. WPGxs650_brat

    Short Speedometer cable

    Not sure if this is the right spot on the forum to post this. After reading the different posts on how to shorten a speedometer cable, making or modding my speedometer cable myself is a no. Many people mention buying a shortened one. Does anyone know of a vendor that sells shortened cables that...
  8. cmarts

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Looking for 74/75 speedometer/tachometer

    Looking for speedometer/tachometer. Just need case and front glass piece so a broken instrument that is still round will do.
  9. RandysVoice

    Wanted - Speedo/Tach set wanted

    Looking for a set of like-new speedo/tach for '70 - '72 XS. Need them for a '72 XS.
  10. gggGary

    Make Offer - Stock Gauges, sets and parts

    75 and up gauges, some standards and some specials. if asking please use odometer reading to ID the set you are talking about. That one set of special gauges is REALLY nice, shows 5K will include the better silk screen indicator panel below it. thinking $100 for those, others priced downwards...
  11. D

    electric speedo convertion Help

    79 xs650 SG Hope someone can help, bought electric speedo assembly from mikes, very limited instructions. I have no idea how to hook up pick ups or where exactly they go. Anybody have any ideas or know a link I can go to. The directions I got were wiring only.
  12. Q

    Xs650 mini speedometer

    Hey guys and gals, I'm curious about the mini white faced speedometers I've seen on eBay. That very in price from $20-50-90 ish but all look the same. I guess I'm curious if people are running them, and if they're accurate. Is there a specific ratio I should be lookin for? I have a 1978...
  13. RatyXS

    What speedos are you all using on your bobbers ?

    Just curious. I would like to use some sort of mini speedometer once I button up my build. Pics and brand names would be great. Thanks
  14. T

    Installing a speedometer from Mikes XS

    I have an '81 650 that I've hardtailed and dressed out- a nice old school bobber (see below for before and after pictures). My speedometer recently crapped out and I got a replacement from Mikes XS, however the instructions leave a lot to be desired. Has anyone got any tips on installing this...
  15. C

    Mikes,xs speedo electronic woes..

    Hello all..first posting..an excellent,forum..my question re: mikes xs,electromic,speedo ( it came with no instructions) there is..three,magnet bolts..do i use all three? If so..in a row..120 degree off set? Next question , the gap between the sensor and magnet 1 mm , 2mm ? And finally the...
  16. mrpink

    Can a speedo cable be shortened????

    As the title says. I need to remove about 8" out of my speedo cable, possible? If not, what are my options? Having 8" of extra cable dangling around my front wheel does not sound safe to me.
  17. YL82

    Damaged Speedometer Gear Parts, Proper Re-Assembly

    I recently bought a new speedometer cable from Mikesxs for my XS650C. After disconnecting the old cable, I removed 3 parts (see attached images) from the speedometer drive gearbox housing. It appears that some wear/damage that has occurred to the following parts: 1) Bushing (brass)...
  18. Ironsled77

    front axle speedo delete

    anybody know of a spacer for the front wheel to remove the speedo drive. think its time to buy a lathe cause im tired of looking for small parts.