For Sale - 21" drum front wheel, cool old skool


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Baraboo, WI, USA
SOLD to figure 8

From some ancient euro dirt bike, 65 Maico 250?? Something like that.
Ancient dirt bike sized front brake all there, looks to be in great shape BUT, it's small narrow and the parts are old. No two finger stoppies going to happen here. I replaced one spoke that broke, 19" XS front spoke was plug and play, got the rim to run fairly true. But it ain't perfect and no gaurentees! Run this at your own risk.

Bearings are 17mm, match the XS650 axle size, brake plate will need to be drilled, then you will need to make spacers to match your fork, no speedo drive included, you can see the tangs on the back side of the hub.

figure8 has right of first refusal. He hit me up on this sometime ago.

lets throw out $125 and shipping?
I am in that winter gotta move some stuff mode.

21front 001.JPG 21front 002.JPG

21front 003.JPG 21front 004.JPG

Go ahead, comment, question, kibbitz, call me an a-hole, it's all good.

Tire wise I think this will be like a 90-90-21

It's all about the look, not performance.
I cleaned this with a Dico nylox wheel leave as is, or work your butt off and bring it up to a polish but there will be some scrapes nicks that won't come out.
Thanks for that Gary, gonna have to pass for now. Got to much time and money into my disk brake set up. Very cool wheel though!
zzzblazezz; The wheel bearings are 17MM ID the wheel had spacers inside the bearings to fit a 14mm axle, with those removed the XS axle is a perfect fit. The center hole in the brake plate is 14mm so that needs to be drilled out to 17mm, fairly simple but I thought I'd let a machine shop do it, so the hole would remain exactly centered. So that and spacers is about it. Yes there is a torque arm mount on the brake plate so a stay from there to the fork leg should also be simple.
Bolt location will make the arm compression loaded so it needs to be stiff.

Thanks for letting me know figgy8, got the stickers :thumbsup:
If no one has messaged in interest I'm throwing my name back in the mix. I've got a friend who's interested, I'll update my status if things change...