3K stumble


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It's resolved but I'll tell you the story, might help somebody down the line.

Took her out for a dust off a couple weeks ago after having sat a bit longer than usual this winter. Fired right off. Got down the lane and she bogged down and quit. Got her going again and made it back to the pole barn, Figured I'd address it later.

Had a few nice days last week so I got her out and made some cosmetic changes - put the knee dent 750 tank back on, along with a '78/'79 Special seat foam and cover trimmed for the Standard seat pan which is also cut back in the front to fit the xs750 tank.
I drained the carb bowls with the stumble I had in mind, looking for rust. Gas was clean. Alright, road test.
Petcocks on, choke on, kick cycle the engine, key on......reading around 10 volts on the volt meter. Gave her about a half travel kick and she fired right off. Choke off, a little throttle play, first gear and go....she stalls. Kick her again and she fires right up. Made it out to the lane in first, wind her up a bit and hit second and she bogged right down. Got her back to the barn limping.

Pulled the side covers and removed the Uni's on my way to removing the carbs. Hmm...before I go any further, let me check the slides. A bit of resistance before it moved up. Raised it up, let it fall, raised it again with no resistance and then covered the top crescent hole, released and she fell slow as molasses. Same on the other side, a bit of resistance and then smooth travel, hole covered and the return was as it should be. Fired her up and watched the slides as I gave her throttle, both responding.
Put the Unis and side covers back on and took her out for a spin. Good to go.

Slide sticktion.