Are these bikes ever really done?

Long story short, nothing broken.

I tightened the handlebars the other day (put an extra shim to tighten up the bars in the rubber mounts)

Not sure it it was just coincidence but it seemed to vibrate a bit different.

Anywho… basically the needle vibrated loose and spun around.

Now just gotta put em back together.

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Ha! Wow….you got right after it! Good for you, glad it wasn’t too bad. 😃
Anyone can take something apart - I was doing it at 3 years old. The real question is; can you put it back together and have it work? :bike: 😁

The face plate came loose on the tach on my '76 - both little phillips screws came out, and I had to go into it to fix it. Probably an hour and a half start to finish. Kind of a pain for two little screws, but better than paying big $$ for a decent replacement. I think I saw one on fleabay that was NOS for $325.