Clear alternator covers, Ready to go!

Its official ya'll. I now have 25 in stock.

First come first serve, order before were out!


Shipped via air the next day. Don't forget to put the shipping address down!

Thanks everyone for the patience.
18 left, Get your order in before they are gone!!

Thanks for all the support so far everyone. First orders will be shipped out by noon today.
Still have some left folks!

I think we should get some pictures of the bikes these are on!! Lets see some pics

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Its in the way airwolfie, need not worry!

Should i remind you your on a little island called the uk? :wink2::thumbsup:
mine arrived today,will take me a wee while to get a pic of it fitted as waiting for my hugh's pma to arrive & i have nearly 6 months of winter to do it!
cheers bud