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I’m new to the forum so hopefully someone can assist me. I have what I believe is a1974 TX 650 frame and engine numbers match. 447-012058. I am having trouble finding good usable 34mm, 74 fork tubes. The inner diameter of the forks tubes from Mike’s XS and Heiden Tuning are to small in diameter for my 34 mm dampers. My reading tells me an upgrade to these forks are possible. I have found a good set of 35mm 1978s. My question can I swap those for my 74’s.. The triple tree I know won’t work but I have found a1980 triple tree and steering stem.

So will the 78 fork tubes work in the 1980 triple tree and then will the steering stem fit in my 1974 frame? Any modifications or concerns with this approach.
All Standard and Special triple trees from 74-84 interchange with frames from 74-84...........Just need to decide what top crown to use on the 35mm triple tree........... 76-79 standard crowns are the same. Special 78-84 are the is the gauge bracket that changes and on the Specials the ignition barrel stands alone and bolts to the Special crown