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I'm building a Honda XL250 Cafe bike. The only I believe I can lose that god awful 21" front wheel is to swap in XS650 35mm forks. Si Need the following parts or other advice. I want the drum bike front hub, but I think that I must also get drum bike fork lowers and if I remember they aare 34mm, so must go disc. unless you know something I don't.

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Wanted XS650 Front End 35MM fork tubes
- Forks complete with lower legs
- Front Wheel Hub prefer drum brake if fork tubes are 35mm
If I need to go hydraulic to get 35 mm forks
- Caliper
- Master cylinder
- Rotor
Yes, if you want plug and play drum brake fittings on the lowers, 34mm is your only choice with XS forks. All the 35mm came with disc attachments only.
Or you could swap the xl250 triple tree with a 34mm tree. Allballs is a treasure trove of info.

Some years of xt500 had small tubes