Front indicator wiring check?

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Just continuing working through the electrics on the recently acquired 1977 XS650D that came to me with zero history. Previous owner seems to have enjoyed cutting wires and splicing them together wrapped in PVC tape. Checking in the headlight shell the front indicator feed isn't connected left or right. I see in the manual the colours I'm connecting to are dark green one side, chocolate (dark brown?) the other side. I have found what I think must be the connections. Before I plug the indicators in, just checking here. There's what appears to be a dark grey connection onto the chocolate connector. And a grey connection onto the dark green connector. Not sure about this. Is it something to do with the cancelling unit? Being very careful here before I put power onto the bike. Picture below to hell explain what I'm seeing.

Bit late to the party. Better late than never.

Green arrows;
Looks like the nut may be cross threaded. Caution:
The earth is loose due to the nut nut on properly.

Yellow Arrow top.
look to be a DG wire but needs to be cleaned/confirmed.
Odd the greens are so different.

Red Arrow
to D/G or Ch connector.
In my 80SG (Oceana model same a Euro with points), the single wire, (B), from the indicator is a male joining up to a single female bullet connector that runs into the multi connector, DG or Ch.

Black Arrow;
Earth/Ground to multi connector

1000001184 copy.jpgb.jpg

My headlight bucket
DSCF7015 3.jpg

Only way to really find out which coulour DG or Ch, (odd grey/brown wire are right for the circuit your working on i to continuity test your loom, without running power through it.
Thanks @650Skull . Appreciated.

The indicator stem is still loose in that picture, part way through installing it. (Hence Copperslip residue off my finger).

I'm sure that the black grounds are correct.

The only bit I'm not confident about now is the wierd looking greyish/brownish wire on the top right of the four way chocolate colour connector. I'm going to have to do a bit more work on that one before I go further.

The dark green is definitely correct.